Tosowoong Propolis Sleeping Pack Review

December 31, 2020

Tosowoong Propolis Sleeping Pack Review

Tosowoong Propolis Sleeping Pack Review

Jenny from Victoria, Australia recently reviewed Tosowoong’s brand new Propolis Honey Sleeping Pack.

She shared her Tosowoong Propolis Sleeping Pack review and explained how a previous bad experience with sleeping masks had her doubting the whole category:

What Is It?

Tosowoong Propolis Honey Sleeping Pack. “This is was my first time (after a long time) to wear a sleeping pack because of a bad experience. Never really thought I’d appreciate sleeping pack so much!”

Why Do You Love It?

“Things that made me love this product:

Left my skin well hydrated and really youthful looking the next day – I literally can’t believe my skin would look so smooth!

It helped calm down my irritated skin – I used something a few weeks ago that irritated my skin and I had white bumps on my face together with a very rough texture. I knew something was wrong, so I exfoliated my face and did my usual PM routine and added this overnight, the next day my skin was a lot better.

The bumps was still there but the texture of my skin was a lot better. Thanks to Honey Extract’s and Propolis’ anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it helped my skin heal a lot quicker.

Gel consistency – This is what I love the most about this! It doesn’t leave you with that sticky and greasy feeling overnight! I didn’t think that a gel sleeping pack could actually give so much hydration to your skin!

Suitable for hot summer weather – Because of the Aloe Vera extract, this sleeping pack was so cooling and soothing to the skin making it an ultimate sleeping pack for summer.

Did not break me out – despite the fact that it was hydrating and moisturising, I was surprised that I didn’t break out from this! It’s rare for me to find products like this so I think this will be another HG products!”

Get Jenny’s Full Review: On Instagram @im_jennytwong

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