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The K-Beauty Routine For Beginners

January 01, 2021

The K-Beauty Routine For Beginners

The K-Beauty Routine For Beginners

It’s The Beauty Routine Taking The World By Storm – But With As Many As 10-14 Steps Where Should A K-beauty Beginner Start?

K-Beauty Experts STYLE STORY pinpoint what beginners need to know about the K-Beauty Routine.


What is the Korean Beauty Routine?

More than a set of products or steps that needs to be followed, the Korean Beauty Routine is really a philosophy that involves caring for the skin by hydrating and nourishing it. The various steps in the Korean Beauty Routine are really just designed to do that – moisturise properly and treat various skin issues.

The K-Beauty Routine for Beginners


Do I really have to do 10-14 steps?

Of course not!

Everyone is different and so is every skin. Although some K-Beauty addicts love applying 14 layers of skincare, it’s not realistic for some people every day. The best thing about the K-Beauty Routine is that you can tailor it to suit your skin and your needs.


Why the focus on hydration?

Keeping skin well-nourished and moisturised makes it softer, plumper and more radiant. For ageing skin, proper hydration can take years off your face as it improves the look of fine lines, wrinkles and eye bags.


What are the “steps” of the K-Beauty Routine? A typical routine varies, but often includes the following steps:


Step 1 – Cleanse with an Oil-Based Cleanser

So that you avoid harshly scrubbing your face to remove dirt and makeup, use an oil-based cleanser instead.


Step 2 – Cleanse with a Foaming Cleanser

Follow up with a foam cleanser to get rid of any leftover product on your face.


Step 3 – Exfoliator

Exfoliators are great for clearing out dead skin and promoting cell turnover – just don’t scrub too hard or too often – once or twice a week is plenty.


Step 4 – Toner

A good toner resets your skin’s pH balance and prepares it to properly absorb the next step of skincare.



Step 5 – Face Mask

Not only do face masks increase your skin’s hydration and suppleness, they also target specific skin concerns like freckles, wrinkles, skin tone, acne, pigmentation and fine lines. They are also great in winter, to counter-act the effects of heating and air-conditioning, and for long-distance travel.


Steps 6-9 – Essence/Facial Oil/Serum/Ampoule/ Emulsion

These are highly concentrated skincare products that target specific skin issues. They make skin softer, firmer, suppler, more toned, and more hydrated.


Step 10 – Eye cream

Thicker than a standard moisturiser, a good eye creams help prevent eye bags, dark circles and puffiness by hydrating and treating the delicate under-eye area.


Step 11 – Moisturiser

Your night cream hydrates and protects the skin from the external environment.


Step 12 – Sleeping Mask

Sleeping masks are thicker versions of moisturisers. They are designed to be left on while you sleep and washed off in the morning. Waking up to beautifully soft skin? Yes, please!


Step 13 – AM – Sunscreen

Don’t forget to slip-slop-slap before you put on your daily makeup. Anything higher than a SPF 35+ is ideal, but SPF 50+ is best.

Confused? Don’t Be!

The easiest way to find the best skincare routine for your skin is to try out some different products and routines and see which fits you best. Whether it’s a Korean 12 Step Routine or a simple, minimalist routine there is no one-size-fits-all approach.


STYLE STORY – Your Go-To for K-Beauty

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"Confused by the steps of the Korean Beauty routine? Don't be. There are no set rules in K-Beauty"

- STYLE STORY Korean Beauty

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