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STYLE STORY sits down with Bed Threads

August 06, 2021

STYLE STORY sits down with Bed Threads

STYLE STORY sits down with Bed Threads


STYLE STORY Founder Lauren Lee was thrilled to sit down with dreamy Australian company Bed Threadsto discuss the current obsession with “glowy skin”


With the decline of heavy makeup (think contouring, baking, more contouring) Australians are making the move to a ‘skin care first’ approach. The wellness approach to skin is an inside out, holistic and medicinal approach to glowy, dewy, gorgeous skin.

Makeup is now being used to gently highlight a beautiful and natural base. But how do we get it?


STYLE STORY Sits Down with Bed Threads


Firstly, we talked about what it actually means to have that envious natural glow we see so often on Instagram. The Korean beauty term for this is ‘chok chok’ which literally translates to ‘moist or slightly wet’ skin.

Chok Chok has been on the rise in Korea for the past 15 years driven heavily by Korean celebrities.  


Here are the different types of ‘Glowy Skin’ and the best STYLE STORY products to use to get them.


Honey Skin

 Honey-based products are perfect for supplying the hydration and nutrition to the skin that’s essential for this look. Try Tosowoong Pure Propolis Masks These have been consistent best sellers for us for years and once your try these intensively moisturizing masks you’ll know why.


Water Skin

 The ‘Water Glow’ is best summed up as the look you get after showering, when your skin is looking just oh-so juicy and plump. We love Jelly Ko Cherry Blossom Sleeping Mask and Brush. Enjoy your eight hours a night as your skin recharges and hydrates and wake up to that deeply nourished and dewy appearance the next day. It really is a dream come true.


STYLE STORY sits down with Bed Threads


Dewy Dumpling Skin 

This term was coined by makeup artist Nam Vo in 2018 and refers to that dewy, plump look. The best way to achieve this? Strip back on everything and only use the basics.  

Multipurpose products are perfect for this. We recommend focusing on the ones that are calming, nourishing and protecting. Our recommendation?

Jelly Ko’s Bubble Tea Steam Cream. This 3-in-1 formula replaces oil, serum and moisturizer in your routine so you can achieve that perfect skin look in half the time.


Deep dive into our full conversation with Bed Threads here and maybe even treat yourself to some luxurious linen!


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STYLE STORY featured in Beauty Crew
STYLE STORY featured in Beauty Crew
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Fragrance Free K-Beauty
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"Looking glowy has become an amalgamation of lifestyle and skincare as more people are becoming aware of how their lifestyle contributes to their overall skin health and appearance (hello, sleep quality and stress levels)."

- Bed Threads Journal

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