Shop D’alba In Australia At Style Story

December 10, 2020

Shop D’alba In Australia At Style Story


Blending European and Korean skincare styles, luxury Korean label d’Alba gives a sensory skincare experience. Inspired by decadent ingredients like white truffles, this unique K-Beauty brand creates gourmet skincare.

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With its own Research and Development Center focusing on creating unique and hard-hitting products that work for a variety of skin types and issues, d’Alba is a new Korean skincare label to watch.

The brand’s runaway success is its White Truffle Mist Serum, which has gained a cult following thanks to its popularity among Korean flight attendants. d’Alba’s signature ingredients are white truffle sourced from Italy, which work to stimulate cell renewal and reveal bright, new skin.


These are just a few of our favourite products from d’Alba:

d’Alba Piedmont Peptide No Sebum Balancing Toner (150ml)

This unique toner stands out for two reasons – first, it has a quality anti-aging formula, which is rare for a toner. Second – it’s perfect for oily and combination skin types. Despite its lightweight consistency, it is jam-packed full of ingredients that keep sebum and moisture levels in check. At the same time, it works to tackle the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation.

The pH level is ideal for rebalancing skin after cleansing, at pH 5.6.

In addition to white truffle, this toner includes 44% pearl extract, which is rich in antioxidants, amino acids, and minerals and assists with brightening.

Other ingredients work to firm, smooth, brighten and fight wrinkles, including niacinamide, adenosine, betaine salicylate, 5 kinds of hyaluronic acid and acetyl hexapeptide-8, which is a muscle relaxer that helps fight wrinkles.

The formula is free of alcohol, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, synthetic dyes and synthetic fragrances.

d’Alba – White Truffle First Spray Serum (100ml)

This cult Korean product went viral after it was revealed to be the secret behind Korean airline hostesses’ beautifully hydrated complexions in flight.

Strong enough to combat dry cabin air, this spray serum is made on a base of white truffles and lotus with avocado oil. It helps to reduce wrinkles, brighten skin and supply moisture.

Get your glass skin #onpoint with this handy travel-friendly misting spray – just remember to give it a shake before spraying to evenly distribute the layers of ingredients.

d’Alba – Peptide No Sebum Repair Cream (50ml)

Formulated for combination and sensitive skin types, this multi-purpose facial cream is packed with peptides and amino acids to calm skin and regulate oil production, leaving skin matte and fresh.

Calamine powder has soothing effects, white truffle helps to firm skin and keep it elastic, and BHAs improve cell turnover by gently removing dead skin cells. The formula is free of parabens, pigments, artificial fragrance, animal ingredients, mineral oil and silicone.

The slightly acidic pH of 6.5 helps to prevent bacteria from breeding and causing skin issues.

d’Alba – Peptide No Sebum Mild Gel Cleanser (300ml)

This mildly acidic gel cleanser is the perfect match for anti-aging, oily and combination skin types. Infused with coconut oil-derived surfactants along with white truffle, betaine salicyclate, papaya extract, willow bark, chamomile, peppermint and more, it restores moisture to skin and prevents excess oil.


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