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Guide to the Best of Beauty of Joseon

February 03, 2023

Guide to the Best of Beauty of Joseon

Guide to the Best of Beauty of Joseon


Looking to shop Beauty of Joseon? You've come to the right place. 

STYLE STORY has been delivering Australians the best of K-Beauty since 2014. We were the first online store to start stocking Beauty of Joseon back in the days when they only had a single product!

Back in those days, we used to have to get special English labels printed for all our jars of Dynasty Cream because the packaging was only in Korean. 




Beauty of Joseon aims to recreate the skincare knowledge of their Korean ancestors using ingredients written in the “Kyuhab Chongseo”. This was a guide compiled for women in Korea’s dynastic period, the Joseon dynasty. The main ingredients in BOJ's Dynasty Cream were originally used to give Korean women a beautiful face and body.

Confused where to start? 

Let’s take a look at some of Beauty of Joseon's best-selling products.


Guide to the Best of Beauty of Joseon


Not sure where to start with your Beauty of Joseon purchases? Try: 


Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream

This was the first Beauty of Joseon product we ever stocked at STYLE STORY because it was the brand's first release.

While it has undergone a few formula and packaging changes since then, this moisturising cream still contains time-honoured Korean herbs.

Firstly, it contains rice bran water (29%), Ginseng root water (5%), Squalane (2%) and Niacinamide (2%).

It works to brighten the complexion, firm skin and target the signs of aging for a complexion beautiful enough to rule a nation.


Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream Australia 

Beauty of Joseon Red Bean Refreshing Pore Mask

This unique face mask helps to absorb excess oil and gently cleanses away flaky skin and debris without dryness or tightness, with a cooling, soothing texture.

Red bean has played an important role throughout Korean history. It was used as a medicine for its important detoxifying properties and was used as an ingredient in traditional food as well. As recorded in ancient documents, women in Korea's Joseon Dynasty used it with mung bean as a facial cleanser.


Beauty of Joseon Revive Serum: Ginseng + Snail Mucin

Beauty of Joseon's ginseng and snail serum is a newer release that's popular for lightly hydrating your skin. 

This one is also enriched with Hanbang ingredients like 63% Ginseng Root Water and 3% Snail Secretion Filtrate. In addition, it can help to brighten a dull complexion.

To find out more about the use of ginseng in Korean beauty products and how to tell the different grades and qualities apart tune into this episode of the Korean Beauty Show podcast:



Beauty of Joseon Radiance Cleansing Balm

If you're after a product to get rid of makeup, then you'll love this buttery-soft balm from BoJ. It cleanses skin thoroughly and assists in maintaining a radiant complexion. 

Like many of the brand's other products, this is also powered by rice water and fermented grains. It not only helps the skin retain moisture but also offers brightening benefits.

It melts when it touches the skin, boasting brilliant cleansing abilities. We love it because it eliminates thick makeup, dirt and dead skin. In addition, it also uses Chrysanthemum extract, which protects skin and soothes sensitivities. 

Shop Beauty of Joseon Australia


Beauty of Joseon Glow Serum: Propolis + Niacinamide

If you're after a lightweight serum that won't break the budget then this propolis and niacinamide serum is ideal. 

Beauty of Joseon's Glow Serum not only controls sebum secretion but also brightens the complexion. The rich, honey-like texture moisturises skin and leaves a dewy, flawless finish.

Our only gripe with it? The size. At 30ml it's quite small and you can get through it very quickly. If you're looking for a bigger propolis serum that will go the distance try Tosowoong Propolis Sparkle Ampoule




Beauty of Joseon Apricot Peeling Gel

If you love a manual exfoliant then you must try this Beauty of Joseon Peeling Gel. It's a great option featuring spring apricot blossom, plum and apple extracts.

Not only is it perfect for dead skin removal, because it uses natural fruit enzymes it offers a gentle exfoliation that guarantees a glowing complexion. Further, it helps to gently slough away dead skin.

Want to Check Out More Beauty of Joseon Products? Of course you do! Visit our entire BoJ collection

Searching for Beauty of Joseon sunscreens?

Unfortunately, none of Beauty of Joseon's sunscreens have been tested by Australia's TGA or listed on the ARTG. They are therefore not legally able to be sold in Australia. For more information about Korean Sunscreens in Australia, visit our explainer. 

For your safety, we recommend applying Australian listed sunscreen products if you are in Australia. A quick way to check whether a product is listed on the ARTG is to see whether it has an "AUST-L" number printed on it. This is the number given to all listed products by the TGA at the time of listing. 


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"With a brand theme that beauty never changes despite time, Joseon Beauty reinterprets traditional beauty secrets using time-honoured ingredients and wisdom."

- STYLE STORY, Your Go-To for Kbeauty

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