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New Beauty Of Joseon

December 10, 2020

New Beauty of Joseon

New Beauty of Joseon at STYLE STORY

STYLE STORY is excited to curate Beauty of Joseon’s latest releases, the Beauty of Joseon Radiance Cleansing Balm and Apricot Peeling Gel.

Landing soon, these cleansers are based off time-honoured formulas used by Korean royalty and nobility in Korea’s Joseon Dynasty. Beauty of Joseon recreates the skincare knowledge of Korean ancestors in modern formulations.


Beauty of Joseon Radiance Cleansing Balm – a sherbet cleansing balm designed to create skin that is as radiant as white jade. Radiance Cleansing Balm is the first step in cleansing, a sherbet type balm that melts when it comes in contact with skin. It boasts brilliant cleansing abilities that can eliminate thick makeup, dirt and dead skin, and uses rice water and grain ferment ingredients to get skin glowing.

Beauty of Joseon Apricot Peeling Gel – a divine peeling gel made with spring apricot blossom, plum and apple extracts, it brightens and softens dull, rough skin. Containing naturally occurring enzymes that gently remove dead skin, Apricot Peeling Gel opens up and deeply exfoliates pores.


Beauty of Joseon products are made using the ingredients that were listed in the “Kyuhab Chongseo” (a beauty guide compiled for women in the Joseon Dynasty) that focused on skincare for beautiful, clean and pure skin. It typifies the ‘Hanbang’ tradition of Korean ancient traditional skincare.

The Rise of Hanbang

Hanbang cosmetics are Korean cosmetics that incorporate traditional herbs and ingredients – often fermented – into their formulas.

Beauty of Joseon recreates time-honoured formulas featuring traditional Korean herbs and natural ingredients like orchids, honey and ginseng.

Other standout ingredients include pure water, dried radish greens, rice, chrysanthemum, plum, gourd, flaxseed oil and ceramides.

Korean beauty products featuring ‘Hanbang‘ skincare have been making massive waves in the beauty community, with formulas that capture timeless traditions and time-honoured formulas.

Many of the traditional ingredients in Beauty of Joseon’s products have been used by Koreans since the Joseon Dynasty to treat and nurture skin.

Look out for Beauty of Joseon Radiance Cleansing Balm and Apricot Peeling Gel landing at STYLE STORY soon.

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