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K-Beauty Makeup Removal

September 24, 2021

K-Beauty Makeup Removal - STYLE STORY Australia

K-Beauty Makeup Removal

One of the most important parts of any skincare routine is makeup removal.

What goes on, must come off. However, it's important that this step be done gently. 

We want to thoroughly remove our makeup so that we're starting with a clean slate for our skincare. But we also don't want to damage our skin in the process or leave it with that "squeaky clean", stripped feeling.  

So – what are the best ways to remove your makeup at night?


K-Beauty Makeup Removal

Gone are the days where we need harsh makeup wipes or drying pads.

These relics from the past are often full of harsh chemicals, which strip your skin of essential oils and disrupt its pH balance. They're also terrible for the environment. 


No to Makeup Wipes

Using makeup wipes is one of the quickest ways to damage your skin's protective barrier and introduce a whole host of skin issues with it. If you still have these nasties hiding in your routine, we'd recommend ditching them ASAP.

Your skin will thank you for it, trust us.


No to Micellar Water

"What about Micellar water?", I hear you ask.

While micellar water is fine to use as a gentle cleanse, it’s not up to the job of removing makeup and excess sebum on your skin.

Not to mention, to cleanse properly with a micellar water, you'll need makeup rounds or tissues. These are neither great for the environment nor gentle on the skin.



The Korean Way of Makeup Removal

So, what do skin-loving Koreans swear by when it comes to makeup remover? The answer is cleansing balms and oils!


How do they work?

Cleansing balms and oils work in very similar ways, the major difference is in the name. One is a balm, which comes in a solid form. This melts softly when rubbed into the skin. 

The other comes in a liquid oil form. It is runny but emulsifies when it comes into contact with dry skin. 

Both work incredibly effectively at gently removing the makeup, dirt, sebum and excess oil.


The Best K-Beauty Makeup Removal Products


If you're in the market for a truly brilliant cleanser, our top picks are:


The Subi Bare Skin Balm

This balm combines antioxidant-rich Australian Lemon Myrtle with dream Sea Buckthorn Oil.

It melts away oil-based impurities like sunscreen and makeup while nourishing the skin with antioxidants fatty acids and Vitamin E.

This luxurious balm also comes with a spoon for easy application.

It is perfect for dull skin, dry skin, mature skin and dehydrated skin. 

K-Beauty Makeup Removal

The Heimish All Clean Balm

We also love the Heimish All Clean Balm.

While not as texturally pleasing as Subi's Balm, this basic cleansing balm uses ingredients like coconut extract to wash away makeup without tugging at or irritating the skin.

It also contains shea butter and citrus herb oil, which give it a rich, herbal smell. 


How to use a cleansing balm? 

Simply apply a small amount to a dry face and gently massage the balm. 

It should melt on the skin and begin to easily remove your makeup.

Koreans don’t use rollers of other objects to massage their face and instead massage to improve circulation with their hands. This is usually done during either the cleansing balm or oil step of their skincare routine. 

For more on Korean Facial Massage tune into this episode of the Korean Beauty Show podcast:




Once your cleansing balm or oil has lifted all the makeup and dirt off your skin, gently wash your face with warm water.

We don't recommend using a towel, particularly on sensitive skin. Instead, simply pat your face dry or move onto your second step of cleansing.  


K-Beauty Makeup Removal

To learn more about Korean Cleansers take a listen to this episode of the Podcast now:




Second Step of Cleansing?

When it comes to removing makeup, we highly recommend the Korean Double Cleanse Method, particularly at night.

A good double cleanse not only removes your makeup, it removes any other dirt and debris left over.

A perfect double cleanse also prepares your skin to soak up all of the goodness in your serums and toners.

Subi has a perfect pairing with their Bare Skin Balm and Subi Brightening Powder Cleanser 


K-Beauty Makeup Removal - STYLE STORY Australia

For more on the double cleanse method, we've prepared this episode of the podcast for you:

Got K-Beauty Skincare Questions?

If you are still unsure or have any other questions about cleansing balms, we are always here to help.

Simply message at STYLE STORY and we will answer all of your skin care questions and concerns.


STYLE STORY - Your Go-To for K-Beauty 

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"While micellar water is fine to use as a gentle cleanse, it’s not up to the job of removing makeup and excess sebum on your skin."


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