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K-beauty Isn’t Just For Girls

December 31, 2020

K-beauty Isn’t Just For Girls

With All The Cutesy Packaging And Pretty Products Korean Beauty Is Sometimes Famous For, It’s Easy To Forget That Korean Beauty And Skincare Is Not Just For Girls.

Proper skincare is just as important for both sexes, and because skin is our largest organ, it’s a good idea for girls and guys to take care of it.

Using the right skincare products ensures our skin stays adequately hydrated, can make us look healthier and reduce the key signs of ageing (think pigmentation, lines and sun damage).

Blogger Matt Over At Infirm Of Purpose Recently Tried Out Some Of Style Story’s Classic K-beauty Skincare Products On His Skin, And Shared His Thoughts On His Blog.

His Verdict On K-beauty For The Guys?

Benton Fermentation Essence

“…This brightening essence has a high concentration of Galctomyces Ferment Filtrate – basically a type of yeast. This works to really even out tone and texture and brighten up the skin.

An essence is an uber light lotion that sinks immediately into the skin, sinks to a very low level in the skin and really works at the dermal level.

Definitely a fan of this product, it’s great for lots of light layers to build up that hydration. Plus it’s at an affordable price point so I definitely see this bad boy being a regular in my skincare cupboard.”

Vlancvere Power VC15 Ample

“This Vitamin C serum has 15% strength – the best amount for your skin to reduce irritation and provide the brightening benefits that Vit C is known for….

The other key ingredient in this bad boy is Ferulic Acid. This helps to really reduce any melanin in the skin (the pigment that causes dark spots). Meaning that anyone with blotchy or pigmented skin can use this to assist in decreasing them…”

Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream

“Oh. My. God. I can’t even physically deal at how much I love this product. I am shook officially. Containing 92% snail mucin (the mucous that repairs a snail’s skin as it crawls) this bad boy really works to rehydrate, refine and protect the skin.

Encouraging cell turnover is always a good thing as it enables the collagen production of the skin to increase (hence meaning that your skin looks young and fresh), and this bad boy does this. I woke up looking like a baby’s butt…”

Matt also tried our Leaders Melatox Brightening Mask and Simply When Snow Song Mask.

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