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How To Apply Your Bb Cushion

December 01, 2020

How To Apply Your Bb Cushion

How To Apply Your Bb Cushion?

BB Cushion Compacts are one of the latest and greatest beauty innovations to come out of South Korea. Korean cushion technology is so popular it has even been copied by western beauty companies, including Lancome and Dior!

Today, we’re exploring how to apply your BB Cushion.


Cushion technology is different from regular BB Creams or Foundations.

What Is A BB Cushion?

A BB cushion is a Korean Beauty invention that involves a BB formula soaked into a sponge that comes in its own compact. The formula is more watery and lightweight than liquid bases, which also necessitates a slightly different application technique.

They offer a variety of benefits like providing a more controlled application and non-cakey formula that is perfect for touch-ups on the go. As cushions come in their own sleek compact kits, including an applicator puff, they are perfect for slipping in your bag and taking on holidays.

Soak The Applicator

First, insert your fingers under the puff applicator that comes provided with every BB Cushion.

Next, place the applicator lightly on the sponge part of the cushion to release the BB Cream. Lightly soak the centre of the puff (being careful not to press too hard to avoid releasing too much product!)

Apply BB Cream To Your Face

Rather than using a “wiping” motion over your face, for the best possible coverage, dab, pat or press the applicator puff into your face. For hard to reach places (like the skin between your nose and eyes), use the edge of the puff applicator only to blend the product in seamlessly.

One of the best things about BB Cushions is that you can apply multiple layers without the formula caking or flaking.

To get additional coverage, simply dab the puff into your face (rather than wipe it) until you achieve your desired level of coverage.

Then blend with the beauty puff provided.

Apply Your Concealer

BB Cushions work best with concealer applied after application. Simply apply your regular concealer over the top of your Cushion foundation base, and blend to avoid visible lines.

Set Your Bb Cushion For A Matte Finish

If you prefer a matte finish, dust loose natural powder onto your face to set your BB Cushion.

If you prefer a natural, dewy glow simply skip this step – this kind of finish is preferred by most Koreans.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Bb Cushion

To get the most out of your cushion, as you reach the end of the formula, we recommend turning the cushion over and making sure you squeeze the last drops from the underside of the cushion sponge (namely, the side that doesn’t get used everyday!)

If your cushion comes with a re-fill, you can simply insert this into the same BB Cushion case, which is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than buying another one

Most cushions that come with refills also come with a new puff so you don’t have to worry about spreading germs.

Our Favourite BB Cushions?

Try Heimish Artless Perfect Cushion. It combines hydrating skin care benefits with naturally radiant coverage and a lightweight finish.

It creates naturally hydrated and glowing skin.

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