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Guide To Lazy Skincare

December 30, 2020

Guide To Lazy Skincare

Guide To Lazy Skincare

Ain’t nobody got time for…. complicated skincare routines!

You don’t even have time to put petrol in your car let alone spend half an hour every night clocking up 12 steps on your skincare regime. We hear you!

Korea’s latest skincare obsession – “Skip Care” is all about maximising the results and minimising the time spent on your routine.

Get STYLE STORY’s Guide to Lazy Skincare!

1 Cleanse Your Face

Believe it or not, many skincare issues can be easily resolved by properly cleansing your face. Once you have a clean base, you’ll be able to effectively treat any skin issues you’re facing. The key? Using a multi-tasking cleanser.

The latest breed of K-Beauty cleansers can be used day and night and are perfect for popping in your gym bag.

For oily, combination and acne prone skin, try JJ Young by Caolion Lab Black Cleansing Stick.

For normal, mature and sensitive skin types, try JJ Young by Caolion Lab Green Cleansing Stick.

2 Double Dip

Forget 5 layers of serums and lotions – opt for products that contain two (or more!) products in one.

JJ Young by Caolion Lab has the skip-care phenomenon down pat with its Pore Perfecting Multi Cream, which contains three products in one – an essence, toner and moisturiser.

The lightweight formula provides intense nourishment to instantly calm irritated skin and minimise any redness without clogging pores. The unique texture contains tiny capsules that break apart to deliver the ingredients straight to your face!

Natural beauty label Soroci’s Repair Skin Softener doubles as a toner and essence, working to restore skin to its natural pH levels after cleansing. It hydrates, calms, protects and creates the perfect foundation to layer your other skincare products.

3 Mask On The Go

They might look fussy but sheet masks are ridiculously simple and easy to use. Masking is one of the quickest ways to super-charge your skincare routine. There’s no rest for the wicked, so pop one on for 15 minutes while you’re getting dinner ready and get that skin glowing.

STYLE STORY’s hot top for picking the perfect mask? Grab a 5 pack of APLB’s super versatile Premium Moisturising Ampoule Mask Pink and be done with it.

4 Sunscreen Is Non-Negotiable

No matter how lazy you are, sunscreen is a must.

Don’t kid yourself that the sunscreen in your moisturiser or makeup is enough – you need a separate special purpose sunscreen, preferably SPF 50+, every day especially if you spend more than 15 minutes in direct sunlight (and yes, walking to the bus stop counts).

5 Sleep On The Job

What could be easier than doing your skincare while you’re asleep?! That’s why Korea invented sleeping masks!

Okay, so you will have to apply the product before you collapse into bed but the good news is that the hard work will be done for you – while you’re fast asleep!

Try Commleaf’s luxe Rose Sleeping Mask. This lush mask offers a sensory experience that cools, soothes and nourishes skin.

All you need to do is whack on a layer before bed and the mask will take care of hydration, acne, redness and irritation for you. Did we mention it contains real rose petals?!

TL;DR (For The Truly Lazy!)

Get our Lazy Skincare Set. That is all.

STYLE STORY – Your Style, Your Story

Dupe: Fresh Rose Mask & Commleaf Rose Sleeping Mask
Dupe: Fresh Rose Mask & Commleaf Rose Sleeping Mask
K-beauty Dupe For Dermalogica
K-beauty Dupe For Dermalogica
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