Fermented Skincare 101

December 29, 2020

Fermented Skincare 101

The Rise Of Korean Beauty Has Introduced Us To A Host Of New Beauty Trends. You’ve Heard About Some Of The Wacky Ingredients, But Korea’s Other Obsession Is Fermented Skincare.

Yup, you read that right.

If you’re curious, here’s the fermented skincare 101 for what to know before diving into this K-Beauty trend.

Why Fermented Skincare?

With a history stretching back to the Joseon Dynasty (i.e old school Korea), this current craze is more than just a passing fad. In fact, fermented ingredients have been used in Korean skincare for hundreds of years.

Known for their ability to target everything from inflammation to a weak skin barrier, fermented ingredients are in some of K-Beauty’s best loved products.

What is Fermented Skincare?

Fermentation is a process during which ingredients are broken down into smaller molecules. Think of it as a series of reactions that convert sugars to other substances (i.e. grapes to wine, one of our favs!) Fermentation is also the process behind Korea’s staple food, kimchi (which is a type of fermented cabbage).

Because fermentation breaks ingredients into smaller molecules, the skin is able to more easily and effectively absorb them. Popular K-Beauty ferments include fruits, herbs, rose flowers and yeast.

What Are The Benefits Of Fermentation?

Fermented skincare offers several benefits:

  • First, the fermentation process assists the ingredients to be better absorbed by the skin;
  • Second, it reduces the risk of irritation. This is because fermentation neuralises toxic substances like metals and pesticides, which are found in raw ingredients. The fermentation process also skips preservatives, which is good for those suffering from irritated skin.
  • Third, fermentation increases the nutrient density of the ingredients, making the product’s natural ingredients more powerful.
  • Finally, fermented products are loaded with natural anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories. This can assist in increasing the natural turnover rate of skin cells, which in turn aids to slow the ageing process.

Our Favourite K-Beauty Ferments

Korean Beauty products are packed full of ferments.

We’ve tried everything from galactomyces ferment filtrate to rose petals and lactobacillus! Our top picks?

Benton Fermentation Eye Cream – Packed full of skin-friendly fermented ingredients and ceramides, this cream gently cares for the delicate under-eye skin while also realising anti-aging benefits.

Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence – contains 90% fermented yeast concentrate, which absorbs into skin to energize, sooth, smooth, balance and revitalize it.

Elizavecca Galactomyces 97% Serum – contains star ferment galactomyces, to help reduce dead skin and sebum, blackheads and blemishes, whilst also brightening the skin.

Missha Borabit Ampoule – contains bifida ferment lysate, the same probiotic as found in Estee Lauder’s much pricier Advanced Night Repair Serum. Bifida ferment lysate is a bacteria that reduces sensitivity and helps the skin repair itself.

Belif The True Cream Moisturising Bomb – a cult Korean beauty moisturiser that is literally jam-packed full of ferments, including mistletoe, lactobacillus, soybean, saccharomyces and more.

Have you tried fermented skincare products? Let us know your favourites in the comments!

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