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All You Need To Know About Sugar Scrubs

November 18, 2022

All You Need to Know About Sugar Scrubs

 All You Need To Know About Sugar Scrubs


There's no doubt about it - scrubs generally have a bit of a bad rap, no doubt thanks to a certain apricot-scrub-that-shall-not-be-named. But sugar scrubs are a different breed altogether. 

First up, they don't contain shards of material that are bad for your skin or for the environment. 

If you've got questions about sugar scrubs - How often should I use them? How do they work? Are they for all skin types?- then read on! 



What are Sugar Scrubs?

Sugar scrubs are a type of facial scrub which work to exfoliate dead skin cells. They work through a process of what is called physical or manual exfoliation.

They encourage cell turnover, resulting in fresh, soft skin.

Unlike other scrubs, sugar scrubs are formulated with sugar granules which dissolve with water during the cleanse. At the same time, they buffer away any dirt and oily build up on the surface of the skin.


Why Use a Sugar Scrub?

Sugar granules come in multiple different types - black ,and white for starters. They are smaller and rounder than other common scrub materials like salt, which mean they result in a gentler cleanse.

Sugar is also a natural source of gycolic acid, a type of chemical exfoliant. Sugar scrubs help to keep the skin moisturised while exfoliating so that you aren’t left with raw and sore skin.


How often should I use a sugar scrub?

This is where it gets tricky, because not all sugar scrubs are made alike.

It also totally depends on your skin. As a rule of thumb, the skin only needs to be exfoliated once or twice a week.

However some sugar scrubs also double up as daily cleansers like the Jelly Ko Cinnamon Toast Sugar Scrub Foam Cleanser. This is formulated with finer sugar granules to access a gentler cleanse.

With cleansers like this you control how many sugar crystals you choose to use during your cleanse. By lathering the hands together and creating the foam before cleansing the sugar crystals will disintegrate until your foam is ideal for the cleanse you want.

Regular exfoliation will allow for deeper penetration of your serums and ampoules while also visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


Tips and Tricks When Using Sugar Scrubs 


1 Not all sugar scrubs are made equally.

A body sugar scrub will be made with bigger granules which will work to remove the dead skin cells on larger parts of your body, like the thighs and tummy. These are not for use on the face because they are too harsh.

Using them on your face could damage the skin’s surface. When looking for a facial sugar scrub ensure that it is clearly stated on the label as ‘designed for the face’.


2 Skip the Face Cloths or Devices

When using a sugar scrub, we don’t recommend washing the product off with a face cloth. That's because these can be harsh and irritating on the skin.

Simply wash away with lukewarm water and your hands.

Similarly, be wary of drying your face with a towel after cleansing. Towels can be incredibly abrasive on the skin, so it pays to be careful if you have sensitive skin or active breakouts. 

If you do like using a towel for your face, just gently dab the skin dry. Even better, pat your face dry with your hands and use the towel to gently wipe any excess water that has run down your neck. 



3 Sugar Scrubs Double As Great Lip Scrubs 

Sugar scrubs are great to use on your lips. Again, being gentle is the key here. If your lips are feeling particularly dry and sensitive avoid using a scrub. Otherwise, once a week while you shower will keep your lips looking fresh.


4 Make Sure You Shake the Tube First

If using a sugar scrub in a tube like Jelly Ko Cinnamon Toast Sugar Scrub Foam make sure you shake the bottle or tube before use.

That's because the sugar is the heaviest part of the formula. It will tend to sink to the bottom of the tube. By shaking the tube you ensure that the crystals are dispersed evenly making it easier for you to control the cleanse.


Our Favourite Sugar Scrubs 


Jelly Ko Cinnamon Toast Sugar Scrub Foam


The newest release from Jelly Ko is a 100% customizable cleanser & exfoliant in one – allowing you to choose between both at every routine. Here's how it works  

As a Cleanser: Dissolve the sugar crystals in your palms first, before applying the foam to a wet face. Voila - it's a regular cleanser! 

As an Exfoliant: Apply the scrub to a damp face and gently massage it in. Voila - it exfoliates, dissolving the dirt and debris clogging pores. Watch it melt into a creamy foam that thoroughly cleanses. 

This formulation is suitable for all skin types because the sugar crystals are teeny, tiny white sugar crystals that dissolve easily with water. 

Jelly Ko's formula is 100% cruelty free. Other powerhouse ingredients include Ceramides, Vitamin E, and Willow Bark Extract.

What Others Say About It:

"My sister and I were expecting this to product be an overly fragranced physical scrub like any other on the market, but boy we were wrong. This scrub instantly cleansed, scrubbed and glowed us up and didn’t feel like we tore our skin barrier in doing so, it’s really gentle! We also enjoyed the scent, it’s subtle and yummy!"


All You Need to Know About Sugar Scrubs 


Skinfood Strawberry Sugar Food Mask

This exfoliating, wash off face mask is packed with black sugar, strawberry seeds and strawberry seed oil. 

When we want to deeply exfoliate with a delicious side of sweet smelling strawberries, this is the face mask we reach for.

The combination of black sugar, strawberry and wild berry seeds effectively exfoliate while also providing antioxidant and skin conditioning benefits.

Wild berry seeds are also great for buffing away dead skin because it acts as natural exfoliants.


Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect Scrub Foam


Skinfood is one of Korea’s oldest K-Beauty brands. This is one of their iconic products.

Made on a base of black sugar, this also includes Apple and Lemon Fruit Extracts which are high an antioxidants and Vitamin C. This cleanser is ideal for those looking to improve their skin’s texture. Because the black sugar crystals are quite thick, we'd recommend this one for normal skin types. 



Skinfood Black Sugar Wash Off Mask


Skinfood's sugar scrub is one of the Korean beauty brand's best-selling products and winner of Sure Magazine's "No 1 Facial Scrub of the Year". This is a great product to add into your routine once a week if you aren’t keen on using a daily sugar scrub cleanser.

The Black Sugar used in Skinfood’s formulation is completely unrefined and farmed in Brazil without the use of pesticides. Because this is a much thicker, chunkier formula we'd recommend skipping this one if you have sensitive, weak, damaged or acne prone skin. 

What Other People Say About It:

"This mask is so beautiful, my skin felt so soft after using."


Got Questions About Sugar Scrubs?  


As always if you have any questions about exfoliants, sugar scrubs or skincare in general, please reach out to one of our STYLE STORY team members – we are always happy to help.


STYLE STORY - Your Go-To for Kbeauty 


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