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2021 K-Beauty Skincare Routine

March 12, 2021

2021 K-Beauty Skincare Routine

2021 K-Beauty Skincare Routine


For all our long-time K-Beauty fans out there, you probably already know everything there is to know about the famous 10-step K-Beauty skincare routine!


If you’re just getting started with K-Beauty though, don’t worry – we’ve got a great primer on the routinehere.


Whether you’re all across it or want to learn more, there’s one thing to keep in mind.  While the steps might not change, the constant innovation and refreshing of K-Beauty skincare products means that it’s important to keep up to date! 


That's why we’ve updated our skincare routines for 2021 with the latest and greatest K-Beauty products to make the selection easier for you.


Routine Recap

Before we reveal our recommendations, it’s always good to refresh our memories on the K-Beauty Routine.


In all its glory, it looks like this:


1 Oil Soluble Cleanser > 2 Water Soluble Cleanser > 3 Exfoliator > 4 Toner > 5 Essence > 6 Face Mask > 7 Ampoule / Serum > 8 Emulsion, Lotion > 9 Eye Cream > 10 Night Cream > 11 Sleeping Mask  


Plenty of steps, but keep some things in mind:

  1. You don’t have to do every step every night – less is more
  2. Don’t try everything all at once (patch testing is your friend)
  3. Wait until a product dries before going on to the next step!


Steps 1 and 2 – Double Cleanse

If you wear sunscreen or makeup regularly,  double cleansing is a must.

An oil soluble cleanser will efficiently dissolve sunscreen and makeup without needing to scrub it off.  Followed by a water soluble foam cleanser, you’ll have freshly cleansed skin in no time!



Oil Cleanser: Subi Bare Skin Balm 

Foam Cleanser: APLB Sensitive Micro Cleansing Foam 


Step 3 – Exfoliator (Optional)

Exfoliating is an important part of any skincare routine, but it’s crucial not to go overboard andover-exfoliate.


One of the breakout trends we saw in 2020 was the move away from physical exfoliants (think your old St Ives Apricot Scrub) towards skincare acids. Acids can chemically exfoliate by unblocking your pores without drying out your skin.


If you're looking for a more gentle option that doesn't include any fragrance or essential oils, try Subi Holo Dream Mask


Subi's Holo Dream Face Mask


Step 4 – Toner

If you use a facial cleanser, your skin’s pH levels may change (this is how oil gets removed from your face).  Toners restore your skin’s pH levels to their optimal levels to get everything ready for the rest of your skincare routine!


STYLE STORY loves:  APLB Centella Complex Mist Toner (as a bonus, you can use it as a refreshing spritz all over your body!)


Step 5 – Essence (Optional)

Essences are packed with ingredients to enhance your skin’s cellular regeneration. The result is skin that is firmer, more elastic, softer and brighter. 


STYLE STORY loves:  APLB Glutathione Hyaluronic Acid Essence


Step 6 – Sheet Mask (Optional) 

Sheet masks are a great way to really quickly pep up the skin, add hydration and that K-Beauty glow. A few masks a week is all you need to up the chok chok ratio on your skin!



Step 7 – Ampoule/Serum

These products are highly concentrated skincare solutions that target concerns like sun spots, wrinkles, acne and dry skin.  Frequent use will help your skin feel softer, firmer and more hydrated.


How many ampoules or serums should you use?  It’s up to you!


Depending on how your skin is or the weather, you may want to mix and match these products to hit the skin goals you’re looking to achieve.


STYLE STORY loves:  d’Alba Piedmont White Truffle Intensive Ampoule


Step 8 – Emulsion/Lotion (Optional)

Emulsions and lotions are a great way to get extra moisturising goodness in your routine, but if added moisture isn’t a priority for you, it’s alright to skip this step!


STYLE STORY loves: Laneige Radian-C Cream


Step 9 – Eye Cream

If you’re looking to avoid eye bags, dark circles or puffy eyes, eye creams are your saviour!  Different from facial moisturisers, they are thicker and more concentrated.

Eye creams are one of your best friends against the effects of anti-ageing.


STYLE STORY loves:  APLB Propolis Collagen Eye Cream


Real Results using Jelly Ko Bubble Tea Steam Cream


Step 10 – Moisturiser (Day/Night)

For optimal hydration, pick a night cream that’s a bit thicker to help lock in moisture and nutrients overnight.


STYLE STORY loves: Jelly Ko Bubble Tea Steam Cream (Day Cream)


Step 11 – Sleeping Mask

More hydration?  That’s what the K-Beauty routine is all about!


Sleeping masks (also known as sleeping packs or creams) are a hydrating form of face mask, designed to be left on while you sleep and washed off in the morning.


STYLE STORY loves:  Jelly Ko Cherry Blossom Sleeping Mask


BONUS – Spot Treatment

Even when you’ve got your routine fully dialled in, it’s hard to avoid the occasional spot or pimple.


After a year as one of STYLE STORY’s best sellers, it’s hard to go past the Subi  Perfect Pimple Patch. Not only is it ours, it is also the Body+Soul Team’s go-to spot treatment!

What does your 2021 K-Beauty Skincare Routine look like? Let us know in the comments!


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"...we’ve updated our skincare routines for 2021 with the latest and greatest K-Beauty products to make the selection easier for you."


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