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Which Kbeauty Brands Sell Well Overseas?

August 08, 2022

Which Kbeauty Brands Sell Well Overseas?

Episode Title:Which Kbeauty Brands Sell Well Overseas?


Episode Description:

On today's episode of the Korean Beauty Show podcast Lauren discusses which Kbeauty brands sell well overseas and which countries they are doing well in. There's a crackdown on selling cosmetic samples in Korea with some pretty scary fines. She also answers a listener's question about the best products for dealing with blackheads.

Plus, a delicious recommendation for a Korean sweet to try! 




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Episode Summary: 

Kbeauty News Headlines


Which Kbeauty Brands Sell Well Overseas? A Look at the Road Shop Brands Boosting Sales


  • Beauty Nury was reporting that the first generation Kbeauty road shop brands are boosting their sales by entering overseas markets. 
  • In particular, Skinfood, Clio, Nature Republic and Able CNC are doing well abroad this year 
  • Skinfood

    • Skin Food's operating profit turned into a surplus for the first time in nine years, with operating profit growing 13.5% 
    • They have achieved this by strengthening their sales channels both in Korea and overseas and overhauling their management. 
    • The brand's Royal Honey Propolis Enrich Essence has been a big success


  • Clio Cosmetics

    • Increased its operating profit by 78.2% compared to the same period last year by focusing on online sales and its global businesses 
    • They have increased their stores in Japan as well as US sales
  • Nature Republic

    • Turned a profit in the first quarter of 2022
    • Although sales declined, profitability improved.
    • The brand sells well in the US, Hong Kong and Japan. 


  • Able CNC (which owns Missha and Apieu

    • Recorded a surplus for the first time since 2019, in large part thanks to sales in Japan, China and the US. The A'Pieu brand in particular is selling well in Japan thanks to the popularity of Kbeauty there 


Which Kbeauty Brands Sell Well Overseas?

Olive Oil in production crisis due to global warming


  • Ongoing heat wave in Spain causing issues with the global supply of olive oil 
  • This will affect both cosmetic and cooking oil supply chains 


Cosmetic Samples Can't Be Sold On Second Hand Apps

  • Cosmetic samples and red ginseng can't be traded on second hand apps in Korea
  • The Korea Consumer Agency said that a total of 5,434 non-trade items sales posts have been confirmed over the past year on apps like Carrot Market, Lightning Market, Junggo Nara, and Hello Market
  • Selling items like cosmetic samples is punishable by up to three years in prison or fined up to 30 million won under Article 36 of the Cosmetics Act


Which Kbeauty Brands Sell Well Overseas?

Question of the Week: What are some products that really work for blackheads and whiteheads on the chin?


  • A good cleansing balmnightly to remove makeup, dirt, oil and SPF 
  • A clay mask twice a week - spot treat if you are prone to dryness like me. 
  • I personally use Subi’s Bare Skin Balm and Holo Dream Mask. In the past I used Innisfree’s Volcanic Pore Clay Mask and had good results with it but i think it is a better product for oily and combination skin types. 
  • Best Korean beauty products for busting blackheads episode 54 of the podcast 
  • We also have a blog post up on the STYLE STORY blog about the best Korean beauty products for blackheads here. 


Which Kbeauty Brands Sell Well Overseas?

New Kbeauty Releases on STYLE STORY


  • Jelly Ko Cherry On Top Scrunchies
    • The icing on the cake of a delicious skincare routine, Cherry On Top Scrunchie.
    • Keep your hair out of your face while you do your skincare and prevent breakages and split ends while you're at it. 
    • Made with a hypoallergenic, breathable satin that's gentler than silk on the hair,
    • Perfect for easy up-dos, keeps your hair out of your face while showering and working out, and looks cute on your wrist too.
    • We used the highest quality satin, which moves with your hair, making it much more forgiving. It's perfect for caressing your locks while our skincare takes care of your face. 



  • Innisfree Camellia Essential Hair Oil Serum (100ml)
    • Formulated with Camellia Complex from Jeju island. It helps to provide healthy shine to damaged hair.
    • It contains camellia oil, fermented camellia oil, camellia ceramide, and camellia extract which nourish and adds shine.
    • It is perfect to use on dry, damaged and brittle hair. 

New Kbeauty reviews on STYLE STORY


"I've used many face masks, however the 23 Years Old Aqua Bab Modeling Mask is by far the best I've used. I received a box which contains 4 uses. Its quite easy to make and use, the instructions are very easy to follow. Basically mixing sachet 1 then 2 and using the little mixing/application stick. The texture is quite thick, I was surprised at how well it held onto my face and stayed there as I did apply a thick layer all over my face.

The mask has a nice cool effect and when it dries it didn't feel stiff or dry on my skin. It felt quite nourishing and soft - a little like a jelly feel. To remove the mask I started from the bottom and rolled it upwards. It was super easy and clean to come off. I then gently patted the excess into my skin.

The results were amazing! My skin was super hydrated and I felt like my pores and fine lines were less visible. I had an instant glow to my skin.

I applied the mask in the AM so I could enjoy the benefits of the mask throughout the day. My makeup applied so beautifully, I had a really nice flawless look without the effort. I am so happy with the 23 Years Old Aqua Bab Modeling Mask. definitely a holy grail product for me! I highly recommend!"


Which Kbeauty Brands Sell Well Overseas? 

  • Jelly Ko Dewy Glaze Toner - 5 Stars

    • So glowy
    • Never had such glowy skin since using this toner. Love adding into my routine.



  • Real Review for the Korean Beauty Show Podcast

    • Fun and Informative by Nicky

      • "I absolutely love this podcast and have listened to every episode. Host Lauren Lee is amazing and when she says she is a K-beauty expert, she absolutely means it. Whether you are interested in some of the nitty-gritty details on how ingredients work or want to learn about the latest trends in Seoul, this podcast has it covered.

      • It’s also fun to learn about her journey creating the brand JellyKo. But my favorite thing about this podcast is how intelligent, honest and ethical Lauren is when presenting information. I can really count on it to be factual and trust it to guide what I put on my face, which is a big deal!"


Recommendation of the Week - Chocopie

  • What is Choco Pie? It's basically two small round layers of cake with marshmallow filling and a chocolate covering. 
  • It is originally from America but the current crop are very much Koreanised 
  • Unfortunately, the really good stuff is hard to come by outside Korea because the best stuff is baked fresh in Korea.  
  • The best place for Chocopie I've found is PNB, a Korean bakery founded in 1951. You'll find it near the traditional Hanok village in Jeonju.
  • However, overseas you will probably find the Lotte and Orion versions.
  • At the moment there is a limited edition watermelon flavour for Korean summer. 
  • Other flavours include injeolmi, cherry and strawberry blossom, green tea, banana, red bean, black sugar milk tea, mint

Recommendation of the Week: Choco Pie


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Skincare Ingredients to Use Together for Better Results
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"Many of the first generation Kbeauty road shop broads are expanding their operations overseas as a way of boosting sales and growth"

Kbeauty Expert Lauren Lee

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