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Top K-Beauty Growth Areas in 2022

April 12, 2022

Top K-Beauty Growth Areas in 2022

Top K-Beauty Growth Areas in 2022

Episode Description:

On today’s Kbeauty news headlines update, Lauren discusses some of the top K-Beauty growth areas for 2022, including Korean brands seeking halal certification, cosmetics for pets and the rise of custom cosmetics. 




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  • Our own news made it into the headlines this week 

K-Beauty companies seeking halal certification to grow in OIC Countries

  • Trying to bolster their appeal in muslim markets
  • Indonesia is the second biggest export marketing among OIC countries behind Malaysia (organisation of islamic cooperation). It is bringing in mandatory halal certification requirements over the next few years
  • Dubai has been a major driver of Kbeauty sales in the Middle East

Top K-Beauty Growth Areas in 2022


Cosmax is tapping into the trend of personalised care

  • Sales for this year expected to hit $2.5 billion
  • They are looking forward to the future, including:
  • Cosmetics for pets (shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, ear cleaner) 
  • More for personalised care
  • South Korea was the first in the world to implement customised cosmetic regulations back in 2020. A lot of companies are interested in this 

Direct Flights from Sydney to Seoul

  • Qantas and Jetstar to start direct flights from Sydney to Seoul 

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Newest K-Beauty Reviews

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Recommendation of the Week 

5 Resources to Help You Learn the Korean language:

  1. Korean Unnie
  2. Learn Korean with Go Billy
  3. Natalia Garza 
  4. Talk To Me in Korean
  5. Korean Class 101


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"Korean beauty companies are increasingly seeking Halal certification for their products to help bolster their market appeal in Muslim countries. Top Muslim destinations for Korean beauty products include Indonesia, Malaysia and Dubai"

- Lauren Lee, Kbeauty Expert

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