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Skin Botox: Treatment Korean Celebs Are Obsessed With

August 25, 2022

Skin Botox: Treatment Korean Celebs Are Obsessed With

Episode Title: Skin Botox: Treatment Korean Celebs Are Obsessed With


Episode Description:

Lauren discusses Skin Botox, the latest treatment Korean celebs are obsessed with and why. Here's everything you need to know about it, how it's different from regular Botox and what results you can expect. 



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Skin Botox: Treatment Korean Celebs Are Obsessed With



Episode Summary

Korea and Koreans are no stranger to Botox, with an estimated 42% of the female population aged between 21 to 55 as having had either Botox or fillers. However, one of the more recent uses of Botox has people lining up at plastic surgery and dermatology clinics lately - Skin Botox.  


What Is Skin Botox?

Skin botox (스킨보톡스 or 피부보톡스) is one of the most popular treatments in Korea at the moment for dealing with pores, fine lines and smoothing skin. Also known as "dermotoxin", 'micro tox' or 'meso tox' it's different than the type of Botox you might be familiar with.

It incredibly popular amongst celebrities, particularly those who need to appear on TV. That's why it's on offer at nearly every Korean dermatology and plastic surgery clinic.  


How Is Skin Botox Different From Regular Botox?

In other countries, Botox is usually injected into specific muscles to temporarily relax them. This is done to reduce facial movements, which in turn soften lines and wrinkles.

Skin botox on the other hand is used at a different concentration and is injected as micro droplets into the superficial layers of the skin. It's not targeting the muscle but rather the skin itself.


Skin Botox Treatment Korean Celebrities Are Obsessed With


What Does It Do?

Unlike regular Botox, which paralyses the muscle and therefore limits your range of facial expressions, Skin Botox has a much more relaxed and natural look. That's because it's inserted at a much more superficial layer of the skin.  

In addition, you can expect other benefits such as:

  1. Smaller looking pores;
  2. Reduction in oil and sebum production; and 
  3. Plumper, smoother skin  

How Is It Done?

Unlike regular Botox, Skin Botox is much more painful because it involves 40-50 needles injected all over your face. Different needles are used for different parts of the face. It doesn't take long - about 10 minutes. 

The good news it that there is no downtime - you can return to your regular activities straight after your treatment, although depending on the clinic and the doctor you may be told to avoid alcohol, sweating, sauna etc for a week or so after the procedure. 

What Does It Cost?

As with all treatments in Korea, it depends on:

  1. Where you go (plastic surgeon vs dermatologist); 
  2. Who you go to (local clinics staffed by Korean speakers are always cheaper than international clinics that cater to foreigners); and
  3. Whether you get a discount pack or membership. 

Most Korean dermatologists are set up to cater for people having regular treatments. That's why a lot of the services will be offered as a "course" of procedures. The idea is that you get a few smaller procedures done over several weeks or months rather than one huge procedure all in one day. If you end up getting a treatment package like this then the overall cost also comes down. 

However, on average it will cost you around 500,000 KRW for a procedure using the official Botox brand (or other imported Botox products). It is cheaper, around 350,000 KRW, if you opt to use a local Korean version of Botox. 

Skin Botox in Korea


What Are the Side Effects?

  1. It is much more painful than regular Botox. That's because of how many needles are used and also because of how superficially the product is injected into the skin. To minimize the pain, most clinics in Korea will apply a numbing cream to your face first. Some will also give you a hand-held massage device to apply to your face to help distract you. 
  2. It can result in bruising. 
  3. Results last around 3-6 months. 

Who Does Skin Botox?

If you ask a Korean dermatologist they will tell you that basically everyone does it.

While bigger celebrities are unlikely to admit to it, some minor celebrities do, like broadcaster Kim Mi Ryeo.

The two most popular treatments for Korean celebrities at the moment are Skin Botox and the White Jade injection

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What Else Do You Need To Know About It?

  • This is an 'off-label" use of Botox so it is not FDA or TGA approved. But there are a variety of off-label uses, including treatment for sweating, calf slimming etc.
  • It's not the kind of procedure you want to do right before an important event. Give yourself 7-10 days before the event for the treatment to work and the bruising to disappear. Some Korean celebritieshave said they regret doing the procedure because of unwanted side effects. 


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"Skin botox is very different from the Botox being used in other countries because it gives a much more natural and relaxed look. That's because it is injected in a different layer of the skin"

- Lauren Lee, Host of the Korean Beauty Show podcast

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