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Laneige Embroiled in Controversy Over Fakes

March 21, 2023

Laneige Products Embroiled in Controversy Over Fakes


Lauren discusses the fake Laneige product scandal causing headaches for the brand. She answers a listener's question about how to get rid of pigmentation. Plus, AHC has just dropped the 10th update to their famous Eye Cream for Face



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K-Beauty News Headlines

Fake Laneige Products Causing Headaches

  • Amore Pacific's Laneige Snow Silky Soft Sunscreen has been embroiled in controversy over counterfeit products in China
  • Local Chinese consumers were complaining that the efficacy of the Laneige sunscreen they purchased was not up to scratch 
  • Local experts say that a considerable amount of fake products are already in circulation in China, which is causing a huge blow to the sale of genuine Laneige products.

 Laneige Embroiled in Controversy Over Fakes

Consumers Will Be Able to More Easily Check the Price of Cosmetic Surgeries in Korea

  • A bill has been submitted for reform to the Medical Act [source
  • It’s aiming to stop issues identified with plastic surgery advertising apps and platforms like Gangnam Eonni by publishing information on medical expenses so that consumers can more readily check pricing for common procedures like double eyelid surgery
  • This issue has come to the fore because the CEO of hte company that runs Gangnam Eonni was recently given a suspended jail sentence for arranging 9,215 patients to 71 hospitals by selling coupons for treatment products from September 2015 to November 2018, and collecting a fee of 176 million won in return [source]. 
  • As of July 2022, there were 3.8 million cumulative subscribers and 1,800 hospitals signed up to the app
  • Article 17 of the current Medical Law in Korea prohibits anyone from "introducing, arranging, and attracting patients to medical institutions or medical personnel for profit, such as exempting, discounting their own charges, providing money, etc."

New Kbeauty Products on STYLE STORY 

Son and Park Beauty Filter Cream Glow

  • A multi-functional cream that gives skin a glam, enhanced tone up for brighter, clearer and peachy skin. 
  • It is not only a moisturiser but also works as a primer and a smooth base for makeup. Additionally, it's the perfect foundation for the next steps of your skincare routine.
  • So effective at making skin look smoother and radiant it's as if you've got an IRL filter on!
  • Allure Korea Best of Beauty Awards winner 

AHC Ten Revolution Real Eye Cream for Face (30ml)

  • This is the next evolution of Korea's favourite eye cream!
  • This 2-in-1 eye cream can also be applied on the whole face, providing the concentrated nutrition of an eye cream in a facial moisturiser.
  • A favourite of Korean actresses
  • This version of the popular eye cream contains twice as much collagen as previous formulations. Additionally, it features stem cell cultures with over 1300 proteins that help to nourish the skin.

Question of the Week - How Do I Get Rid of Pigmentation?

Pigmentation is undoubtedly one of the more tricky skincare issues to tackle. Make sure you're reapplying your sunscreen throughout the day as needed because this is the number one product you can use for your skin, particularly in Australia.

Also make sure you're using an SPF 50+ product that is TGA listed (with an AUST-L number on it).

If you aren't already using a Vitamin C serum in the morning, I would recommend adding this in. Vitamin C and sunscreen have a boosted benefit when used together. Some good options are:

It could also be worthwhile introducing a glutathione-based moisturiser like APLB Glutathione Brightening Tone Up Cream to further assist with a more even skin tone. This cream is best applied in the morning and can really help mask the look of uneven patches and spots.

If you still feel as though you aren't getting the results you're hoping for, I would recommend discussing some prescription options with a dermatologist. They might recommend prescription options like hydroquinone, which can be used topically (and they will often also recommend to use it with retinol). In more serious cases, they may recommend a round of laser treatment. Because pigmentation is quite stubborn and is often layered down quite deep in the skin it usually requires a lot of effort to get rid of it.


New Kbeauty Reviews on STYLE STORY 

Jelly Ko Bubble Tea Steam Cream Review

"An absolute staple
I can't get enough of this cream! I have purchased it three times already, before the last jar had run out, as I can't face a day without it. My sensitive skin is completely happy with this product. It goes on like a dream, sinks in well, leaves a lovely soft-to-touch moist finish, and makes my skin feel protected and pampered. I have dry skin, which has repaired through regular use of this product. I would highly recommend this!"

Jelly Ko Dewy Glaze Toner Review

"I love it!
It's the best toner Ive tried so far"

Recommendation of the Week - Second Half of The Glory

  • Korean Netflix drama "The Glory" has dropped the second part. It is much-watch TV starring Song Hye Kyo 


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"A considerable amount of fake products are already in circulation in China, which is causing a huge blow to the sale of genuine Laneige products."

- Lauren Lee, Host of the Korean Beauty Show podcast

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