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K-Beauty Standards Affecting Foreigners in Korea

March 15, 2023

K-Beauty Standards Affecting Foreigners in Korea

K-Beauty Standards Affecting Foreigners in Korea


Lauren discusses how K-Beauty standards are negatively affecting foreigners living in Korea plus popular beauty show "Get It Beauty" is getting an American re-do. Two new eye creams have just launched on STYLE STORY. 


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K-Beauty News

Get It Beauty will be getting an American remake

  • Variety is reporting that CJ ENM and Scott Sternberg Productions have agreed a deal under which popular Korean lifestyle show “Get it Beauty” will be adapted for the U.S. market.
  • “Get it Beauty” has run for 18 seasons in Korea since launching in 2006.
  • Get it Beauty shines a spotlight on formulas to help consumers make informed choices about the products they’re using.
  • It is hosted by beauty icons, who invite specialists to demonstrate their expertise to a live studio audience 
  • One of the show’s highlights is its “blind test” segment, where the hosts and audience test out and then rank products – without knowing which brand the product is from. The results are nearly always surprising, as when the big names backing a product are removed from the picture, the formulas are left to speak for themselves.
  • The products that win Get it Beauty’s “blind test” segment go straight to the top of Korea’s search engines, usually becoming massive hits themselves.

K-Beauty Standards Affecting Foreigners in Korea

  • Korea Times is reporting that Foreigners in Korea are struggling with Korea’s “impossible beauty standards”
  • Ellie Goodwin reports that “Korean beauty standards border on the absurd. For women, a slim figure, flawlessly pale skin, distinctive jaw and large, double-lidded eyes are examples of the supposedly attractive ― yet simultaneously unachievable ― features.”
  • Lots of women and men in the article were quoted about experiences where they were told they were too fat, should eat less, copy the behaviour or eating habits of other colleagues who are slim etc
  • Others recounted experiences of being given diet pills and even developing full blown eating disorders
  • I see more and more of these types of videos on Tik Tok at the moment as well 

K-Beauty Standards Affecting Foreigners in Korea


New K-Beauty Products on STYLE STORY

Hanskin Collagen Peptide Eye Cream (80ml)

  • This eye cream is made with 80% of collagen extract and 20% peptide (with 20 different types of peptides).
  • Containing collagen, elastin, and hyalronic acid, it helps to care for the skin. 
  • Like AHC's Eye Cream for Face, it can also be used as a facial cream.
  • 1% of the profits from the sale of this product will go towards our pledge to 1% For the Planet. Share your love of beauty with the planet every time you shop at STYLE STORY.


Pyunkang Yul Concentrated Eye Cream

  • This eye cream offers deep hydration resulting in a refreshed look, creating a stronger skin barrier around the eyes.
  • Helps to moisturise and brighten skin
  • Gently treats the thin and sensitive skin around the eyes
  • Low pH formula 

New Korean Beauty Reviews on STYLE STORY 

Jelly Ko Cinnamon Toast Sugar Scrub Foam Review

  • 2 products in one
  • "I love how it turns from a scrub to a cleanser if you want, it's cool to have 2 products in one!"

APLB Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review 

  • Hydrating and soothing

  • "I love the combination of ingredients in this product. Not only is it extremely hydrating and moisturising (using ingredients that mimic what my skin already produces), the combination of niacinamide, adenosine, centella derivatives, and allantoin soothe my sensitive, rosacea prone skin, and the niacinamide and sea buckthorn brighten my skin to make it look healthier and more alive. This product makes my other products work better and feel better on my skin. I can tell the difference when I haven't used it. I have purchased this product three times, and although I always hesitate at the price, nothing has worked as well as this, and the bottle does last me a long time. I think everyone should give this a go."

K-Beauty Standards Affecting Foreigners in Korea

Jelly Ko Bubble Tea Steam Cream Review 

  • Absolutely obsessed!
  • "I lusted after this product for so long because I am a bubble tea addict and I loved the concept! After finally getting my hands on it, it did not disappoint 😍 I have extremely dry skin and this cream gave my skin so much hydration and also smells amazing. I cannot recommend it enough"

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"Foreigners in Korea are struggling with Korea's beauty standards and not fitting in. A recent article in the Korea Times interviewed a variety of foreigners on their daily struggles"

- Lauren Lee, Kbeauty Expert

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