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K-Beauty Makeup Tips for Dry Skin and Winter

February 09, 2023

K-Beauty Makeup Tips for Dry Skin and Winter

K-Beauty Makeup Tips for Dry Skin and Winter


If you have dry skin you'll know the battle when it comes time to put makeup on to keep it from looking flaky. Swap cracked and cakey makeup with these  tips for glowing skin!



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Why Does Dry Skin Often Look Worse With Makeup?

Dry skin lacks oil naturally, but symptoms can often be exacerbated by environmental factors as well. For instance, moving between different temperatures or artificial heating / cooling can exacerbate symptoms. When this happens our makeup will not sit as beautifully or naturally.  

When it comes to makeup application, the key thing for dry skin is to make sure it is kept hydrated and protected.


Dry Skin Makeup Tip for Glowing Skin 1: Make sure you are moisturising enough

In order for your makeup to sit well your skin needs to be hydrated properly.

Make sure that you are moisturising morning and night and adding a little extra if your skin is still feeling dry!

Upping the intensity of your moisturiser can help your dry skin. 

For dry skin in its late 20s and over try Jelly Ko Bubble Tea Steam Cream. Combining the benefits of an oil, serum and moisturiser into a single jar your skin will simply drink up the hydration in this top-rated moisturiser. 

For dry skin in its teens and early twenties, Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream is a great fit. 

K-Beauty Makeup Tips For Dry Skin & Winter


Dry Skin Makeup Tip for Glowing Skin 2: Don't Ignore Your Eye Area

One of the main areas that you'll notice flakes, dryness and fine lines when you do your makeup is your eye area.  Adding extra hydration before you apply your makeup can help prevent makeup clumping and will look more natural than piling on the concealer.

The eye cream we consistently hear the most rave reviews about isAPLB Propolis Collagen Eye Cream. Not only is it formulated to soften, plump and nourish your skin, it also assists dry and damaged skin. 


Dry Skin Makeup Tip for Glowing Skin 3: Don't Forget Your Primer 

You may have heard that primers are just for oily skin because they help smooth pores and mattify the complexion. And in the case of products like Dr Jart Pore Remedy Smoothing Primer you would be correct. 

However, there is another category of makeup primer altogether that is absolutely perfect for dry skin. Namely, hydrating primers likeHeimish Artless Glow. The unique oil to water droplet system in this skin perfecting primer creates the perfect hydrated glow. The serum-type formula sinks in the moment it touches the skin, imparting a soft, natural radiance that's your skin, but better.

Another great option that’s really popular here in Korea is theLaneige Glowy Makeup Serum. Diamond mineral powder boosts skin's radiance, leaving the skin smooth and glowing. Ceramides help balance skin oil and water levels.



Dry Skin Makeup Tip for Glowing Skin 4: Stay away from powders

When finishing your makeup, try to avoidpowder-based makeup for dry skin. That's because this only accentuates dry patches, can dehydrate the skin and lead to a cake look. 

Instead, opt for makeup products that look good even without powder, like Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream. This was our best-selling BB Cream again in 2022, thanks to its nourishing and hydrating formula.

Another option isSkin79's collection of BB Creams, which leave skin with a glossy, hydrated finish. 


Dry Skin Makeup Tip for Glowing Skin 5: Add a Sleeping Mask into your routine

Your makeup is guaranteed to sit better if your skincare is nailing your hydrating steps. Try applying a sleeping mask the night before so that you wake up with hydrated, bouncy, dewy skin.

Our best-seller in 2022?Jelly Ko Cherry Blossom Sleeping Mask. Formulated with Niacinamide, Panthenol, and Sodium Hyaluronate this jelly mask is best popped on half an hour before bed.


K-Beauty Makeup Tips for Dry Skin & Winter


Dry Skin Makeup Tip For Glowing Skin 6: Pop a Hydrating Mist Toner in your bag

One of the top hacks of Korean makeup artists in the ritzy Cheongdamdong district of Seoul is setting makeup with a mist spray.

The favourite at Aluu in Cheongdam-dong is dAlba Piedmont White Truffle First Spray Serum. A few spritzes of this when you finish your makeup ensures your makeup stays fresh and your skin hydrated. 

Other good options includeLaneige Cream Skin Refiner Mist (better to apply before makeup),Dr Jart Ceramidin Mist and d’Alba All Day Serum Makeup Fixer



Dry Skin Makeup Tip for Glowing Skin 7: Opt for  a Hydrating Lip Tint Rather than a Lipstick 

Romand’s Juicy Glowing Lip Tints are perfect for dry lips.

To prep your lips, try a lip sleeping mask overnight followed by aGlowing Lip Tintduring the day.

Highly pigmented color stays on all day to give lips a juicy shine. 


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"The key to making dry skin look good even with makeup on is to properly prep the skin and skip products that will accentuate any dry patches"

- Lauren Lee, K-Beauty Expert

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