How To Pick The Perfect Korean Beauty Product Ep-24

January 13, 2021

How To Pick The Perfect Korean Beauty Product Ep-24

How To Pick The Perfect Korean Beauty Product Ep-24

Episode Title: How to Pick the Perfect Korean Beauty Product Ep-24

Episode Description

With hundreds of thousands of Korean beauty products on the market, it can be hard to know which one is your perfect fit.

If you aren’t sure where to start, or have started but are yet to find your holy grail, then stay tuned because today I’m sharing my top tips for how to pick your perfect Korean Beauty product.

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Episode Summary:

Where To Start

1 Your Skin Type

First of all, it’s important to identify which skin type you have. Are you oily, dry, combination or normal?

You may think you know, but have you ever investigated the condition of your skin in enough detail to be absolutely sure? If the answer is no, now is the time.

If you’ve never had your skin assessed professionally, there’s a quick and easy way to check it at home.

  • Cleanse your skin and pat dry.
  • Leave it completely bare for 30 minutes without applying any products.
  • After 30 minutes, examine your face.
    • Check for shine
    • See how it feels when you make facial expressions, such as smiling.
  • If your skin feels tight, you most likely have dry skin.
  • If you can see shine on your nose and forehead, you most likely have normal/ combination skin.
  • If you can see shine on your cheeks, your skin is likely oily.
  • Now that you know more about your skin type, you can make a start on investigating the ingredients that best match your skin type

2 Finding Beneficial Ingredients For Your Skin Type

If you’re still not sure exactly which ingredients will be the best for you then take a listen to last week’s episode – episode 23. I ran through a massive list of popular K-Beauty ingredients for a wide range of different skin issues and types so you’re bound to find a few pointers there.

3 Check The Ingredients List

While picking any product, be it Korean or otherwise, don’t forget to check the ingredients list printed on the packaging. If you’re shopping online, the website should have the full ingredients list printed.

If you’re still unfamiliar with ingredients lists and what to check for, there are plenty of useful resources available online that can help you decode the list, such as incidecoder, cosdnaand skincarisma. If you speak (and read!) Korean, apps like Hwa Hae are great for this, especially for Korean beauty.

4 Check The Authenticity Of The Seller

Unfortunately, there are fake K-Beauty products floating around so be careful where you buy your products.

STYLE STORY is obviously a trusted source for K-Beauty products but there are many other stores around the world as well.

Be careful on marketplace websites, particularly sites where they combine products at a fulfilment centre from many different sellers. Be sure to always look out for trusted sellers with lots of reviews on these kinds of platforms.

5 A Word Of Caution

A lot of people go online to forums and Facebook groups for skincare advice. While these can be good, a lot of the advice floating around on them is nothing more than a personal opinion, oftentimes taken from a blogger or YouTuber.

I’ve seen some really shocking advice doing the rounds with everything from how to apply Vitamin C serum (incorrectly, mind you), which stores to buy from to source Asian sunscreens that flout Australia’s sunscreen regulations and more. Take the advice you see on these forums with a gigantic grain of salt unless it is a trusted commenter, or expert. Ditto for the ‘popular product of the day’ recommendations.

If you’re still confused, get in touch with our team at STYLE STORY or you can find me on Instagram.

The team and I are super passionate about Korean skincare and getting your skin in tip-top shape.

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