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How to Get Rid of Pimples, K-Beauty Style Ep-31

January 13, 2021

How to Get Rid of Pimples, K-Beauty Style Ep-31

How To Get Rid of Pimples, K-Beauty Style Ep-31

Episode Title: How to Get Rid of Pimples, K-Beauty Style Ep-31

Episode Description:

If you want practical solutions to pimple problems, then stay tuned because today we’re covering how to get rid of pimples using K-Beauty products, tips and tricks.

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Episode Summary

With so many pimple and acne solutions out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

The first step is to identify the type of pimple or congestion you have before moving onto an appropriate treatment.


This is your classic pimple – a raised bump, with a white head.

These are the kind of pimples you get when your pores are clogged with oil, dirt, dead skin cells etc.

Pimple patches (especially the hydrocolloid ones) can be very effective against these, as they essentially suck the gunk out of them.


These are much like whiteheads, except that the pores don’t close up. Instead, whatever’s clogging the pore oxidises on the surface of the skin, giving it a darker colour.

Try skincare acids (eg. AHA, BHA) and clay masks to improve congestion.


These pimples contain – you guessed it, pus.

Pustules often occur when you’re dealing with an infection and your body is producing more white blood cells. In laymen’s terms, pus is a combination of dead white blood cells and liquid related to the infection.

Spot treatments and products that can dry out the pimple are the way to go here.


These are no fun. Cystic pimples lie beneath the surface of your skin and are often painful. It’s important to see a doctor or dermatologist for these, firstly to confirm that you have cystic acne, and secondly because cystic acne often requires medical assistance to fully heal.

Tried and True Pimple Fixes

Subi Perfect Pimple Patches are perfect for dealing with run-of-the-mill breakouts.

Made from 100% hydrocolloid, they are drug-free, which makes them suitable for all skin types. While they’re most effective on whiteheads and blackheads, Perfect Pimple Patches can also work as a protective barrier on all pimple types to assist your skin’s natural healing process.

As an added bonus – these patches are barely visible and ultra thin, making them perfect for pimples in hard-to-reach places like the side of your nose. Because they’re almost invisible, they can be worn both day and night.

If you’re looking for a more traditional spot treatment, COSRX’s AC Collection Ultimate Spot Cream helps skin bounce back from acne. This blend of Zinc Oxide, Calamine, Aloe Vera and Centella Asiatica, which work to control excess sebum and remove dead skin cells with low irritation.

For really stubborn blemishes and cysts, look no further than Mizon’s Acence Blemish Out Pink Spot. Designed by dermatologists, this double layer spot treatment works both as an exfoliator and reduces inflammation. After two consecutive nights of use, your problem pimples will be well on the way out.

Another Word on Acne

In some cases, there is a limit to the results that skincare products alone can achieve. Particularly with cystic acne, the issue will rarely clear up on its own.

Don’t be afraid to seek medical treatment if your acne is not improving or if it appears to be getting worse. Unfortunately, the bigger and deeper the spots, the bigger the scars they will leave and those can be particularly tricky to get rid of. If they impact the deeper layers on the skin, scarring can be quite profound.

In many cases, your GP will be able to prescribe antibiotics and topical products that can help. If that doesn’t clear it up you will be looking at something even stronger like Roaccutane, which can only be prescribed by a dermatologist in Australia.

If your acne is accompanied by itchiness, then don’t rule out the possibility of fungal acne as well. Take a listen back at Episode 27 if you suspect that fungal acne might be at play.

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