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How Many Skincare Steps Do Koreans Actually Use?

September 20, 2022

How Many Skincare Steps Do Koreans Actually Use?

How Many Skincare Steps Do Koreans Actually Use?


Episode Description

There's confusion in Korea over what 'vegan' actually means. Plus, how many skincare steps is too many and how many are Koreans actually using? We're taking a look. Plus we're talking the rise and rise of Korean culture. 



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Episode Summary 

Kbeauty News


Confusion in Korea over what vegan actually means

  • In the news this week Korean consumers are confused about what the term "vegan" actually means when it comes to skincare because there are different sets of accreditation standards from various certification agencies.
  • However, there is no one uniform definition or requirement for certification, which means that it differs between brands. 
  • This is obviously not unique to Kbeauty and happens in other countries, including Australia, as well 
  • There is a difference between cruelty free vs vegan cosmetics
    • Cruelty Free: Not tested on anaimls
    • Vegan: Doesn't contain animal ingredients or by products (i.e. honey, milk, beeswax, badger oil, pearl, horse oil, snail mucin etc) 
  • The Korean Cosmetic Act only requires that whoever certifies vegan cosmetics be "internationally accepted or reliable institutions" 
  • Local activists have called for “clear, unambiguous standards” for vegan cosmetics

How Many Skincare Steps Should I Use?


How Many Skincare Steps Are Too Many?

  • I recently spoke with Erin Cook for the Sydney Morning Herald about Kim Kardashian's new skincare line, which contains 9 steps. 
  • In the article, titled "Kim Kardashian’s skincare has nine steps. Is that seven steps too many?" I explained the Korean approach to skincare and how there is less of a focus on longer skincare routines these days.
  • Instead, the current trends is towards skinamalism (using fewer products or products that combine several functions in one, like Laneige Cream Skin Refiner or Jelly Ko Cinnamon Toast Sugar Scrub Foam).
  • Recently, the Joong Ang Daily ran a similar report, comparing Kim Kardashian's routine to local Korean ones.
  • They confirmed that the "famous 10-step regimen is more of a symbolic term than a literal one" although the term does appear in Korean marketing as early as back as 16 years ago in an old Skinfood ad.
  • However, data from the 2022 Beauty Trend Report shows that Koreans these days use an average of "5.37 skin care products in one routine, plus sunscreen and cleanser".
  • According to Opensurvey research, 98.1 percent of Korean women regularly access information about beauty.

How Many Skincare Steps Should I Use?


Question of the Week - How much does it cost to start a brand in Korea?

This question is nearly impossible to answer without knowing what you're manufacturing. Basically how long is a piece of string?

Without knowing the brand concept, how many products are involved, whether you're manufacturing from scratch or using ready-made formulas it's not really possible to give an accurate estimate. 


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  • "Bought this so many times it’s my fav product. Started with just putting around eyes and now I love it so much I do my whole face and neck. Makes my skin feels so good and I like the smell."

How Many Skincare Steps Should I Use?


New Podcast Review for the Korean Beauty Show Podcast 

Best Beauty Podcast Ever! by Guzheng Girl on July 8, 2022

I LOVE this podcast! During 2020 I started to get really into beauty and the health of my skin. I particularly wanted to take the K-Beauty approach towards skincare and makeup. You can image my reaction when I found this podcast! As a working professional in the beauty industry and a long time resident of Seoul, Lauren is so knowledgeable on all things K-Beauty, beauty news, and Korean culture. You’ll find little mention of “glass skin” on this podcast. Instead Lauren covers topics such as Korean beauty treatments and procedures, celebrity skincare, toner trends, product releases, ‘untact’ skincare, and so much more! I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who is interested in beauty and even those who aren’t! Lauren is great and thanks to her my skin is looking it’s best!



Recommendation of the Week 

There was an interesting article in the Guardian recently talking about the "rise of K everything". 

They covered everything from Kdrama and Korean film to Korean food, Kpop and more.

It's a good overview of how the industries rose up in the first place. Apparently former president Kim Dae-jung decided that what was needed was a massive exercise in nation rebranding. He therefore benchmarked the UK and US to create a pop culture industry in Korea.

The other game changer was the arrival of the internet and Korean households having broadband. 


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Lessons I've Learnt in 2 Years Running Jelly Ko
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Microbiome and Probiotic Skincare in Korean Beauty
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- 2022 Beauty Trend Report

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