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Don't Try This Skincare Variation!

October 11, 2022

Don't Try This Skincare Variation

When it comes to skincare half the fun is trying new ways to use your products.  But when it comes to DIY mixing, this week Lauren has an anti-recommendation. October is Seoul Beauty Month. And, we're chatting Bling Empire - is the show problematic?



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K-Beauty News

October is Seoul Beauty Month 

  • This month in Seoul fashion, Korean cosmetics, music and taste are all coming together for multiple events and shows 
  • Organized under the themes of industry, travel/tourism, and culture. 
  • Incorporates Seoul Fashion Week and Seoul Music Festival, as well as beauty at Dongdaemun Design Plaza 


K-Beauty Expo Korea

  • Held from the 6th to the 8th at KINTEX in Goyang.
  • More than 100 overseas buyers from 32 countries will be participating
  • Stay tuned for updates 

Missha Performing Well in Southeast Asia 

  • Able CNC, the brand owner of Missha, announced that its sales have increased significantly after entering the Southeast Asian market 
  • In particular, the Time Revolution lineis performing well in Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia 
  • Sales grew 140% in the second half of the year 
  • Missha sees Southeast Asia's explosive growth potential as a new opportunity and is speeding up its diversification of the Asian market.
  • The population is young with a high internet penetration rate. 
  • Popularity of K-Beauty in part attributed to the Korean wave (Hallyu), including K-Pop and Kdrama  

Question of the Week - Two questions about powder cleansers

Firstly, should I fully mix the powder before I use it? And can I mix it with something other than water like rose oil?

  • Yes, I recommend fully mixing the powder before you use it because this is the most gentle way. Mix the powder in your hands and then apply the foam to a slightly damp face for the best results. 
  • And no, I do not recommending mixing powder cleansers with anything other than water for a few reasons:
    • The cleanser is activated with water.
    • Oils and waters function differently
    • If you try to mix it with oil, the powder wont dissolve properly
    • You also won’t be able to spread it on your face very well and washing it off will be more like a scrub.
    • There might be leftover oil, which kind of negates the whole point of cleansing your face.
    • So all in all not a good idea.

Can I Mix a Powder Cleanser with Oil?


Recently Restocked K-Beauty Products

  • Tosowoong Spot Whitening Vita Clinic Cream
    • The beautifully textured cream has an absolutely stellar ingredients list that reinvigorates tired, dull skin.
    • If your skin has been exposed to harsh environmental toxins and skin damage, then this is the perfect cream to restore your skin's vitality.
  • Tosowoong Propolis Sparkle Ampoule
    • Best of K-Beauty Award winning serum
    • Lightweight ampoule that brightens, nourishes and hydrates without irritation.
    • Giant and generous 100ml size.  


New K-Beauty Product Reviews  

  • Tosowoong Spot Whitening Vita Clinic Cream 
  • Staple product
  • "I first tried this the day I got hit with covid, by the afternoon I felt like death and expected to look the same. To my surprise my skin was still glowing and I put it down to this. Over time, I’m slowly seeing improvements with my skin texture and pigmentation. I like the texture and while I usually don’t like any fragrance in products, I don’t mind this. I use between my moisturiser and sunscreen each morning."


  • Nine Less Daily Intense Hair Essence
  • Smooth, soft and shiny hair!
  • "I was very pleased by this essence; the consistency is more like a serum and is used I dry hair. A little goes a long way, but it didn't weigh down my hair, rather left it soft and shiny. Very impressed with how smooth my hair was after use as opposed to how it usually is - dry and frizzy! Great value product, highly recommended."


  • 23 Years Old Aqua Bab Modeling Mask (4ea/1set)
  • Plump & moisturized
  •  "I tested the 23 Years Old Aqua Bab Modeling Mask in the morning to see how it would effect my skin during the day. The next day I did not to see & feel the difference. And it was a major difference!
  • All throughout the first day my skin felt plumpy, moisturized, & protected. My beloved even commented on how my skin look different than before.
  • This review is for combo oily sensitive skin with slight texture."


New Review for the Korean Beauty Show Podcast  

  • “I only use K products. I look forward to listening to your podcasts as I always learn something about skincare & new products...I have learned with K beauty it's about selecting the products best for your skin needs not products with the least or most skincare steps." 


Recommendation of the Week

  • Is it a recommendation or an anti-recommendation? We're talking Bling Empire. 


STYLE STORY - Your Go To For Kbeauty 

Beauty Veteran Sarah Chung on K-Beauty & BeautyFluent
Beauty Veteran Sarah Chung on K-Beauty & BeautyFluent
The K-Beauty Expo 2022
The K-Beauty Expo 2022
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When it comes to powder cleansers, I do not recommending mixing them with anything other than water for a few reasons..."

- Lauren Lee, Kbeauty Expert

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