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Are Korean Beauty Standards Changing in 2022?

June 21, 2022

Are Korean Beauty Standards Changing in 2022?

Are Korean Beauty Standards Changing in 2022?


Episode Title: Are Korean Beauty Standards Changing in 2022? The Korean Beauty Show Podcast


Episode Description:

On today's Kbeauty news headlines episode of the Korean Beauty Show podcast, Lauren discusses whether Korean Beauty standards are changing in 2022 with the rise of the "건강미" or "healthy beauty" trend. She also discusses the changing landscape of K-Beauty post pandemic and the reality behind a 1 star review.




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K-Beauty News Headlines


‘Muscles look cooler’: South Korean women reshape idea of beauty - The Guardian 

  • Trend of 건강미 or so-called "Healthy beauty" 
  • In 2022, more people (and Korean women in particular) are heading to the gym for body building and tanning. 
  • This new trend of a muscular, tanned body is in stark contrast to the traditional Korean ideals of feminine beauty which was frail and pale
  • But is this new trend just replacing one beauty ideal with another that is equally unattainable? Lauren discusses her thoughts.  

Sales of Colour Cosmetics are Booming Post-Pandemic 

  • Now that Koreans are slowly taking off their masks offline retailers in Korea are reporting a sales increase of 56% from April to May 2022 in colour cosmetics sales
  • Sales of lip tints have soared by as much as 96%

KITA reports K-Beauty most affected by eco beauty 

  • Korean International Trade Association (KITA) has reported that the post pandemic demand for eco goods is most strongly impacting the Kbeauty sector
  • Companies are being met with increased demand by consumers for ‘green goods’ 
  • The biggest road block to meeting these is of course the cost of doing so. Research and development costs are high, as is the cost of obtaining certifications. 

Question of the Week: Can you tell me more about these Korean Beauty ingredients - Pearl, Mushrooms, Ginseng and Burdock 



  • For a full run down on the trend of pearl in Korean skincare, take a look at our blog post here.  
  • In terms of the cosmetic benefits of products containing pearls, they may offer oil control, anti-ageing, exfoliating and brightening benefits. 
  • Jelly Ko Bubble Tea Steam Cream contains pearl. 

Are Korean Beauty Standards Changing in 2022?


  • Their powerful antioxidant properties mean they help protect the skin from the environment. The may also reduce inflammation and soothe the skin



  • For more about the benefits of ginseng in Korean skincare, take a look at our blog post here.
  • Ginseng is chock full of Vitamin B, including skincare staples niacinamide andpanthenol.
  • This makes ginseng great for brightening skin, boosting hydration, evening skin tone, smoothing skin and more 


  • Burdock root is rich in antioxidants as well as other plant compounds, all of which are highly anti-inflammatory. This makes it good for a range of skin conditions, including acne and eczema. 

New Kbeauty Products at STYLE STORY 


  • Round Lab Dokdo Cleansing Water (400ml)is a hit beauty product in Korea. 
  • Using ingredients from Ulleung Island's deep ocean water it helps to soothe skin irritated by the external environment. It also moisturises the skin.
  • pH 4.5~6.0
  • Helps remove makeup, dirt and waste and keep skin moisturised while cleansing. 
  • It is a light, water type cleanser 


Korean Beauty Reviews of the Week 


"I have waited until my Subi was finished before I made a review. An absolutely wonderful product and have purchased another jar. Even though I am a mature person I found it made a huge difference to my skin. When I was young I was a sun lover and although I never burnt and did tan easily the end result at my age now was not a very nice skin at all. The product smoothed on easily with the silicone applicator. After rinsing off, my skin felt so good, my pores on my nose were definately reduced and after using this every 3rd day I could geniunely see the difference. Meeting up with my friend who I visit every 6 weeks, she asked me what did I have done to my face, because it looks really great ? Well that was all the confirmation I needed ladies. Thoroughly recommend Subi Holo for any age group."
Are Korean Beauty Standards Changing in 2022?


"When I used this toner my face was shiny and glowing.I like using it everyday cos it improves my combination type of skin."
"I love this item. So easy to use and practical size for travelling. I have mature aged skin but I find it is so moisturising especially for those little wrinkles. Would highly recommend this product."


Recommendation of the Week - Shin Ramyun 

  • Before I headed off on my trip to Italy, I posted on my IG stories that it is a bit of a tradition in Korean airports to have Shin Ramyun before a flight.  Since Shin Ramyun is pretty easy to get all over the world, it’s my recommendation for the week. 
  • It's a kind of instant noodles made with spicy beef broth. It has a really typical Korean flavour
  • To make it a little healthier you can add more vegetables, meat, or (my personal favourite!) an egg
  • Shin Ramyun has sold more than 22 billion bags so its safe to say I'm not the only one who loves it. 
Ingredients Koreans Use Instead of Retinol
Ingredients Koreans Use Instead of Retinol
10 Things To Do With Beauty Products That Don’t Work For You
10 Things To Do With Beauty Products That Don’t Work For You
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"There is a big difference in the types of ginseng that make their way into Kbeauty products. In general, the more expensive the product, the higher the grade of ginseng. The most highly prized ginseng is wild, red ginseng that has been aged for at least 5 years and put through a fermentation process"

- Lauren Lee, Host of the Korean Beauty Show and Kbeauty Expert

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