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What's the Best Age to Use Anti-Aging Products?

November 17, 2021

What's the Best Age to Use Anti-Aging Products?

What's the Best Age to Use Anti-Aging Products?


Episode Description

Think an anti-aging routine is for people in their middle age? Think again.

If you’re wondering “Am I too young to use Anti-Aging products”, then stay tuned. On today's episode of the Korean Beauty Show podcast, we’re running through the key factors so you’ll know when it’s time to start thinking about an anti-aging routine.




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A Chinese influencer set a record of selling 100 billion won worth of Korean cosmetics in a day. According to LG Household & Health Care, Chinese Beauty influencer Weiya conducted a live shopping broadcast introducing The History of Whoo's "Cheongidan Hwahyeon".

Pre-order sales recorded 576 million yuan (106 billion won = over $100 million) on the first day of pre-order sales of China's largest shopping festival. This is a record among cosmetics sold live by Weiya.

Cheongidan Hwahyeon - Episode 80 of the Korean Beauty Show Podcast



FirstlyS seeping masks do what the average moisturiser can't - they have a lot of different efficacies. Obviously, this will differ based on the product you're using.

Take Jelly Ko Cherry Blossom Sleeping Mask- this is an intensely nourishing, hydrating, soothing and cooling formula. It is ideal to use alongside your retinols and acids to prevent the skin from drying out and flaking.

Secondly, a standard moisturiser is usually a lotion or cream, but sleeping masks will often have a gel consistency. 

This assists with penetration of any active ingredients. Sleeping mask go beyond hydration to treat your skin without feeling heavy or sticky.

Thirdly, they also achieve several skincare goals at once, which eliminates the need for a lot of different products to get the same results.

Unlike regular night creams, you’ll see an immediate improvement in your skin when you look in the mirror the next morning.

Am I Too Young to Use Anti-Aging Products Episode 80 of the Korean Beauty Show Podcast

The “Ideal Age” To Start An Anti-Aging Routine

Firstly, let’s clear a few things up.

There is no “ideal” age to start using anti-aging products. This is because anti-aging products are designed to target the visible signs of ageing, rather than a particular “age” of skin. Once you notice the appearance of dark spots, pigmentation or fine lines, it’s a good time start using these products.

The other thing that can’t be ignored is lifestyle factors. There are many habits that can cause skin to age beyond its years. You might only be in your 20s, but if you regularly tan, have an unhealthy diet, drink alcohol, smoke or are under a lot of stress, your skin might look older than you are. This is because these lifestyle factors provoke the formation of free radicals, a major cause of premature ageing.

 Am I Too Young to Use Anti-Aging Products Episode 80 of the Korean Beauty Show Podcast

Why Your Skin Type Matters

Mature skin is characterised by things like a lack of hydration, eye circles, age spots and loss of elasticity. These appear as skin ages, which is why many anti-aging products target these concerns.

However, that’s not to say that skin in its 20s won’t benefit from the antioxidants and ingredients contained in anti-aging products. The problem is that theformulation might not be right for younger skin.

If you want to learn more about antioxidants in K-Beauty take a a listen back to Episode 48 

As with any skincare products, the most important thing is to always choose products that are right for your skin type. Younger skin is often characterised by oiliness, whereas mature skin is prone to drying out. If you have naturally dry skin, you can jump into anti-aging products a lot sooner, whereas oily and combination skin types need to stick to formulas that balance oil and moisture levels.

If you’re looking for an anti-aging line that’s perfect for younger skin, tryd’Alba Piedmont’s collection. This is specifically formulated for combination and oily skin. It is infused with peptides and amino acids that target anti-aging concerns.

Am I Too Young to Use Anti-Aging Products Episode 80 of the Korean Beauty Show Podcast


What Makes A Good Anti-Aging Routine?

The keys to a good anti-aging routine are hydration, active ingredients targeting the visible signs of aging, and a good eye cream.

The first lines you’ll notice are the ones around your eyes, because this is where the skin is thinnest. Dark circles and puffiness also don’t discriminate by age. If you start noticing these, you can start using an eye cream.

For an eye cream that won’t break the budget, we love APLB's Daily Miracle Eye Cream, For a cult-favourite eye cream that made it to the top of the blind-testing on Korea’s beauty bible“Get it Beauty“, tryBenton Fermentation Eye Cream.


Must Try Anti-Aging K-Beauty Products

With K-Beauty’s focus on a luminous complexion, many K-Beauty products fall into the category of anti-aging, whether intentionally or not. 

Vitamin C serums like Purito Pure Vitamin C Serum are perfect for erasing the signs of too much time spent in the sun. Jelly Ko Steam Cream targets everything from lack of firmness to hydration and fine lines.

AHC’s Private Real Eye Cream for face is a really unique product that combines the benefits of an eye cream but in a formula that can be used over your whole face. 

NEOGEN Real Ferment Micro Serum is a gel-type serum containing 61% natural fermented ingredients. It also contains active ingredients like panthenol and collagen that quickly absorb into the skin. It helps to reinforce skin elasticity while delivering instant hydration and skin radiance.

Missha’s Time Revolution First Treatment Essence has a watery type that can safely be used by all skin types and ages. It features a host of ferment extracts and provides 8 benefits – soothing, smoothing, balancing sebum levels, moisturising, improving skin tone, firming, fine line repair and boosting – as certified by the KFDA.

APLB also has some beautiful products for anti-aging that aren’t too heavy for young skin, including:

1 EGF Facial Repair Essence

2 Daily Miracle Eye Cream 

3Propolis Vitamin Moisture Cream


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"The keys to a good anti-aging routine are hydration, active ingredients targeting the visible signs of aging, and a good eye cream."

- Lauren Lee, Host of the Korean Beauty Show Podcast

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