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A Korean Sunscreen Scandal of a Different Kind

September 27, 2023

A Korean Sunscreen Scandal of a Different Kind

A Korean Sunscreen Scandal of a Different Kind 


On episode 219 of the Korean Beauty Show podcast: there’s a new Korean sunscreen scandal in the news this week but it’s not what you’re thinking. Plus, the surprising ingredient that could be used to boost pigmentation. Lauren answers a listener’s question about whether luxury K-Beauty products are more effective. What’s your perfect K-Beauty product? Take the quiz to find out! 




Kolmar Wins Lawsuit Over Sunscreen Trade Secrets Theft Scandal

  • Kolmar Korea has won a lawsuit against cosmetics manufacturer Intercos’ Korea for transferring trade secrets relating to their sun care product technology.
  • The Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of Kolmar Korea in a civil case, in which Kolmar Korea accused Intercos Korea and its two former employees of stealing confidential technologies 
  • The court ordered both Intercos Korea and 2 former Kolmar employees to pay 200 million won ($150,334) plus overdue interest to Kolmar Korea.
  • A local court had already determined in February this year that Intercos Korea and the two Kolmar former employees were guilty of the crime of trade secret theft. One of the employees were sentenced to 10 months in jail and the other 6 months 

A Korean Sunscreen Scandal of a Different Kind

A New Korean Beauty Ingredient to Boost Pigmentation?

  • Korean cosmetic manufacturer BioSpectrum found that Sargassum fusiforme extract, also known as hijiki (a type of brown seaweed) induces melanogenesis, the hyperpigmentation activity. This "makes it applicable for improving hair follicular depigmentation and vitiligo via melanin synthesis stimulation" (Source: Personal Care Insights


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Are Luxury K-Beauty Products More Effective?

Our listener asked:

"Your episode on K luxury beauty vs the less costly was great, I wanted to know though if you would do an episode on effectiveness. Are the prices higher mainly for packaging, history, etc.. I feel they tend to be kore fragrant too (so it wouldn’t be great for sensitive skin?) wound life to hear a comparison on both ends. Thank you so much for your lovely podcast."
A Korean Sunscreen Scandal of a Different Kind


New K-Beauty Products 

Isntree Onion Newpair Gel cream

This is a unique moisturiser that contains onion bulb extract. It provides moisture and nutrients to the skin. 71% red onion extract contains 30 to 40 times richer phyto-nutrients flavonoid and quercetin than normal onion, which helps treat blemishes.


Laneige Water Bank Hyaluronic Eye Cream

This eye cream firms the skin and relieves dark eye circles and puffiness. It contains Blue Hyaluronic Acid mixed with niacinamide and caffeine brighten and refresh the under eyes.

Korean Beauty Reviews

Subi Powder Cleanser

"Magical powder!

This powder magically turns into foam with practically no water and you only need the tiniest amount to make a lot of foam so it lasts a long time. Not drying on my skin and after use skin is very clean and brightened. Highly recommend!"


Subi Holo Dream Mask & Brush 

Amazing, really pretty!

I got this at the ekka and loved the packaging from the first time I saw it. It’s modern and holographic and actually gives results. It minimizes pores and gives your skin a brightened glowy look. I was initially worried as I have chronically dry sensitive skin but it doesn’t dry my skin out or make it hurt.


Holo Dream Mask and Brush 


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