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STYLE STORY Australia is excited to announce the arrival of hit Korean Beauty label Pyunkang Yul in Australia!


This cruelty-free Korean Beauty brand has been receiving rave reviews thanks to its cosmetics that combine traditional Korean herbal medicine techniques with modern cosmetic technology.




Developed by Korea’s renowned Pyunkang Oriental Medicine Clinic, PKY is a cruelty-free Korean beauty brand.

The brand is dedicated to creating products for:

  • hypoallergenic skin
  • those with poor circulation
  • dry and tight skin, or
  • easily irritated skin.


Based on their natural beauty philosophy, Pyunkang Yul rejects the notion of cosmetics as simply another “shopping” item. Instead, they carefully select each and every ingredient in their products to ensure they are gentle and safe for skin. PKY products also feature ingredients certified by the EWG .

PKY is devoted to creating products that correct and maintain the right balance of oil and moisture in the skin. This helps to ensure skin is optimally balanced.


The Rise of “Hanbang” 

“Hanbang” cosmetics are Korean cosmetics that incorporate traditional herbs and ingredients – often fermented – into their formulas.

Pyunkang Yul’s beauty products feature a variety of traditional Korean herbs and natural ingredients. These include ingredients like milk vetch root extract, Astragalus Membranaceus Root Extract and more!

Korean beauty products featuring ‘Hanbang‘ skincare have been making massive waves in the beauty community lately. With formulas that capture Korean traditions and time-honoured formulas, it’s little wonder why.

Discover gentle, natural cosmetics based on Oriental eastern traditions with Pyunkang Yul at STYLE STORY.


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