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So you’ve heard about Korea’s latest skincare trend but still aren’t sure what it’s all about? Don’t worry – it’s not as risky as it sounds (and there’s no actual glass involved)!


SS Founder Lauren Lee sat down to talk through Korea’s latest skin trend with Clean Beauty Talk blogger Yads Cauchi. Find out more about the latest K-Beauty obsession that’s taking the western world by storm!

What is it all about?

Yads was curious to know what this latest trend in Korea is all about. Lauren explained that it:

“…refers to translucent skin that is toned, hydrated, healthy and fresh….rather than covering and masking imperfections you want skin that doesn’t need any cover-ups in the first place.”

Having “…glass skin means a clear, glowing complexion with as few visible pores as possible.”

What products are required to achieve ‘glass skin’?

Lauren explained, “To achieve this look, you’ll need lightweight layers of skincare products that plump and brighten the complexion. The key ingredient here is hydration. Start with a double cleanse to remove any makeup, sunscreen, oil and dirt before following up with a foaming cleanser.”

Then, add hydration back into the skin, as well as treatments to target any blemishes, pigmentation and redness. 

When you have ‘glass skin’ what benefits will your skin actually have or look like?

Lauren observed: “Glass skin is basically the opposite of dull, dry or lacklustre skin…When the skin is properly hydrated and unevenness is properly treated, the skin looks younger and healthier. The idea being that one shouldn’t require makeup, because the skin naturally glows.”

For STYLE STORY’s top product recommendations to achieve this look, as well as the full skincare routine, head over to Clean Beauty Talk for the full interview.



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