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As part of STYLE STORY’s new Tester’s Club, Australian Beauty Lover Rayne recently reviewed one of our natural Korean Beauty products that is especially designed for dry, irritated and sensitive skin, Tosowoong’s Pure Green Tea Mask. 


What is it?

A facial mask sheet.


What’s in it?

Green tea! Plus other beneficial ingredients for the skin, including niacinamide (which helps to brighten up your complexion).


What does it do?

Tosowoong’s green tea sheet mask is designed to calm down angry red pimples.


How do you use it?

“After I toned my skin, I left the mask on for about 30 mins. The mask had a nice fit on my face, and also managed to cover my whole nose … (It) was soaked in essence.”



“I’ve used the honey mask from (Tosowoong) before and it smelt deliciously like honey so I had high expectations for the green tea one…

After taking it off I noticed reduced redness on my acne and my skin was hydrated and plump AF. This mask had a slight brightening effect on my skin (as it contains niacinamide) and certainly did not disappoint.”





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Tosowoong Pure Green Tea Mask
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