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Jenny from Victoria, Australia recently reviewed Tosowoong’s brand new Propolis Honey Sleeping Pack.


She shared her Tosowoong Propolis Sleeping Pack review and explained how a previous bad experience with sleeping masks had her doubting the whole category:



Tosowoong Propolis Honey Sleeping Pack. “This is was my first time (after a long time) to wear a sleeping pack because of a bad experience. Never really thought I’d appreciate sleeping pack so much!”



“Things that made me love this product:

Left my skin well hydrated and really youthful looking the next day – I literally can’t believe my skin would look so smooth!

It helped calm down my irritated skin – I used something a few weeks ago that irritated my skin and I had white bumps on my face together with a very rough texture. I knew something was wrong, so I exfoliated my face and did my usual PM routine and added this overnight, the next day my skin was a lot better.

The bumps was still there but the texture of my skin was a lot better. Thanks to Honey Extract’s and Propolis’ anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it helped my skin heal a lot quicker.

Gel consistency – This is what I love the most about this! It doesn’t leave you with that sticky and greasy feeling overnight! I didn’t think that a gel sleeping pack could actually give so much hydration to your skin!

Suitable for hot summer weather – Because of the Aloe Vera extract, this sleeping pack was so cooling and soothing to the skin making it an ultimate sleeping pack for summer.

Did not break me out – despite the fact that it was hydrating and moisturising, I was surprised that I didn’t break out from this! It’s rare for me to find products like this so I think this will be another HG products!”


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Tosowoong Propolis Honey Sleeping Pack

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