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STYLE STORY’s Founder Lauren Lee was recently featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, in an article talking about what it takes to succeed working cross-culturally.


Having first discovered Korean Beauty products while studying at university in Seoul in 2011, Lauren went on to build a successful business selling Korean Beauty products back in her hometown of Brisbane, Australia.


Since then, STYLE STORY has become the household name for Korean Beauty in Australia.

Along the way, Lauren learned the Korean language so that she could successfully communicate with her Korean suppliers and research new K-Beauty products to be featured on the STYLE STORY site.

The Sydney Morning Herald’s article covered the tips, tricks and pitfalls for succeeding working cross-culturally, and interviewed Lauren about her keys to finding success working in the Korean Beauty industry. Lauren believes learning Korean was one of the keys to her success, as it gave her insight into the Korean culture that allowed her to work successfully with her suppliers and staff.




STYLE STORY is a Brisbane born and bred startup specialising in Korean Beauty products. STYLE STORY now has team members on the ground across Australia and in Seoul, South Korea sourcing the latest and best products for curation on STYLE STORY.

Having a presence in Seoul allows Founder Lauren and the STYLE STORY team to stay ahead of the latest K-beauty trends and curate unique and innovative products that are gaining a widespread following across Australia.


GET THE STORY: The Sydney Morning Herald 



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