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Soroci is a beautiful K-Beauty brand that is committed to using beneficial ingredients in their skincare products, without any harmful or unnecessary fillers. Soroci’s collection of lightweight and highly moisturising skincare products is built around a signature ingredient of rice bran oil.




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Soroci Morning Drizzle Bucket Mist

This hydrating toner mist is a versatile product that can be used multiple ways – as a daily toner or refreshing mist. Formulated to hydrate, nourish and protect skin it has an optimum pH level of 5.5.


Soroci Morning Drizzle Waterdrop Cream 

This unique lightweight moisturising cream releases water droplets once applied to the skin for smoother, more hydrated skin.


Soroci Morning Drizzle Calming Cream

This natural moisturising cream is designed to soothe and nourish sensitive skin. Star ingredients sodium hyaluronate and beeswax work to hydrate the skin, while adenosine reduces inflammation and promotes healthy cell function.


Soroci Calming Essence 

A soothing, calming essence that improves skin’s elasticity while brightening the skin. It features rice extract, caviar, sodium hyaluronate and more.




Untouched, intact, as is.

“Clean natural herbs, and Soroci”

Soroci’s brand story starts in the relaxing and natural beauty of southern Korea, where mild climate and fertile soil breathes and gives life to plants with special efficacies.

Soroci was born in this nature.

Through its natural skincare collection, Soroci extends an invitation to modern people, who are rushed in their daily lives and have no time to look back, to have a taste of the relaxing and slow southern life.




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