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Since cult K-Beauty makeup label Skin79 re-released its hit range of BB Creams everyone has been clamouring to get their hands on the upgraded formulas to see if the newly released makeup line lives up to Skin79’s legendary reputation. Today’s review is from Jenny, a makeup and beauty enthusiast from Victoria who tested out Skin79’s Golden Snail BB Cream.



Skin79 Golden Snail BB Cream. Combining skincare properties with a makeup formula, Skin79 Golden Snail Intensive BB Cream is a base makeup product that contains 45% snail secretion filtrate, one of K-Beauty’s favourite ingredients for hydrating, repairing and restoring skin. It comes in a natural beige colour, known in Korean makeup as “Shade 23”.



“Here are the reasons why I love this product:

  • It has a high coverage – like literally covered all my blemishes and allows you to skip concealer if want to.
  • It has a semi-dewy to semi-matte finish depending on the amount you use – You can even top it off with loose powder to give that even matte finish and help make your foundation lasts longer.
  • Super long lasting – I wore the foundation for the whole day (about 13 hours) and it didn’t budge at all! It was intact the whole time! Although oils started to creep up on my face, it wasn’t too greasy compared to when I wear foundation or cushion foundations. How my skin looked in the morning stayed the same until I came home!
  • My skin feels and looks a bit different after removing my makeup – like good kind of different – like my face was brighter and much smoother! I guess the 40% snail essence was really effective!
  • The shade matched my skin tone – I remember one of the things I didn’t fancy with the Hot Pink version was how I had to wait for the foundation to oxidise and blend with my skin tone. This still had a bit of a gray cast but i think it is how most BB creams are.
  • I looked like I have flawless skin! – while using this BB cream I can’t stop looking at my face in the mirror! I just noticed that my skin looks really smooth and flawless which has been impossible for the last 6 months hence my fixation on my face!!”



“I’m in love with this BB cream! Since I’ve tried the other Skin79 BB creams before, I was already expecting this to be good but the snail essence made me a bit worried that it might break me out since I had a bad reaction like 5 years ago and never tried snail products again since then. But surprisingly this did not break me out (phew!) and it even gave me the makeup base and finish that I like.”  



“I think this just bumped up to my number 1 BB cream! To be honest, it keeps changing all the time, but I think I’ll stick with this one for now (and of course my Missha one) until I find my next HG BB cream!”  


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All images are by @im_jennytwong 

Skin79 Golden Snail Intensive BB Cream
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