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Commleaf is a natural, cruelty-free K-Beauty brand that has been making waves in the international beauty community thanks to its luxurious packaging and natural formulas brimming with K-Beauty’s favourite ingredients.


With a firm stance against animal cruelty and EWG certification for its plant extracts, Commleaf creates products using ingredients of natural origin that give strength to exhausted skin.  


Shop Commleaf in Australia at STYLE STORY with our handy guide to this beloved K-Beauty brand.



“Let your skin rest in nature”. That’s Commleaf’s wish for its natural skincare collection. Combining “Comma” (which implies “resting”) and “leaf” to represent “nature”, Commleaf’s naturalist cosmetics are perfect for dull, acne prone and tired skin. STYLE STORY is proud to be Commleaf’s partner in Australia.  



These are just a few of our favourite products from Commleaf:


Commleaf Rose Sleeping Mask 

This ultra-hydrating overnight mask is infused with 75% rose water and rose petals to replenish lost moisture throughout the day. It’s a serum-like mask that absorbs into the skin overnight while you sleep to provide your with a glow by morning. The beautiful formula actually contains real rose petals, which are beautifully absorbed upon touching your skin.


Commleaf Skin Relief Soothing Toner 

This skin soothing toner comes in a gorgeous glass jar that looks more like a piece of art than a cosmetic container. Infused with star ingredients centella asiatica, green tea and aloe vera it provides pore care, hydration and exfoliation for oily, acne-prone skin.

Commleaf Vitarice Glow Serum 

Made on a base of fermented rice filtrate, this glow-inducing serum contains brightening ingredients and a complex of 5 essential vitamins for skin that treat unevenness, dullness and dark spots.


Commleaf AHA Honey & Propolis Peeling Liquid

Commleaf’s AHA Honey & Propolis Peeling Liquid is enriched with natural AHAs that soften and even out skin texture through chemical exfoliation. It avoids harsh, abrasive scrubs to create fresher skin. It’s a beautiful way to promote cellular renewal and get rid of dead skin.



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Commleaf AHA Green Tea Peeling Liquid



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