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Terms & Conditions

General for all products

1. All returns must be sent back to STYLE STORY’s Australian office with prior authorisation. Unauthorised returns may be refused or disregarded.

2. STYLE STORY will usually reship replacement or repaired items using Standard Shipping. STYLE STORY reserves the right to determine reshipping method regardless of the shipping method used in the original order.

3. STYLE STORY is not responsible for items lost during return shipping. We recommend that you send your return via Registered Air Mail to ensure that it reaches us.
Coupon discounts as well as shipping and handling fees from the original shipment to the customer are not refundable.

4. STYLE STORY reserves the right to change our return policies and/or reject any exchange requests for any reason without prior notice. Should there be any dispute, STYLE STORY’s decision will be final.
B Defective Item Exchange

5. “Defective” means there is an issue with the product’s packaging, the item was broken in transit, the item is unfit for its purpose or the item has passed its use by date. Defective does not mean the product caused an adverse reaction. For allergic reactions, please see below at D.

6. STYLE STORY will be responsible for return shipping costs if the defective claim is confirmed to be valid, and if the defective items are returned via Regular Air Mail or Registered Air Mail. Please keep your shipping receipt as proof of shipping costs. Return shipping costs will be refunded in STYLE STORY Store Credit. No compensation for shipping costs will be provided when using other shipping methods, including Courier Services or Express Mail.
In cases of defective return, STYLE STORY will provide a replacement item where available or a refund.

Unwanted or Unopened Item Return

1. Unwanted or unopened items returned to STYLE STORY must be in their original packaging. Incomplete returns may be refused or disregarded. Customers are required to bear return shipping fees in cases of unwanted or unopened returns. STYLE STORY will not be responsible if return shipments are lost during return transit.
Refunds for unwanted or unopened items will be issued in the form of STYLE STORY Credit. Refunds will be processed when returned products are received and confirmed to be in acceptable condition by STYLE STORY.
If you return all of the items in your original shipment, your order will no longer be eligible for Free Shipping and you will be charged a shipping cost for the original shipment. The shipping cost will be deducted from your store credit, which will be issued after returned products are received.

Allergic Reaction

1. In the case of products that cause an allergic reaction, please send photos of the reaction and confirm that the product was patch tested in isolation from other products, and the period of isolation.
Returns will not offered where products have not been patch tested or introduced to the skin in accordance with STYLE STORY’s recommendations “How to Patch Test”. This is because poor reactions often occur when multiple new products are introduced to the skin all at once. Patch testing is the only way to accurately identify which product (if any) is causing the problem.

2. Once the product that has caused the reaction is identified and the product has been returned to us less than 20% used, we will provide store credit for the value of the product.

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