Mizon Bye Bye Pimple Patch

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Say bye-bye to breakouts and get clear skin overnight with Mizon’s pimple patches! Each patch contains two layers: a protective layer that blocks dirt from infecting your acne and a hydrocolloid layer that helps seal the wound after absorbing all the gunk from the pimple.


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Mizon Bye Bye Pimple Patch (24 x 8mm patches) 

These double layered pimple patches contain a protective layer to completely block pollutants as well as a hydrocolloid layer to seal the wound and absorb pus.

Unlike other pimple patches, the unique “wet hydrocolloid” formula helps prevent bacteria.


Hydrocolloid is a type of wound dressing that helps absorb and remove internal wound secretions. They prevent external materials from entering and protect wounds from physical shock or stimulation.



Transparent type patch

Unlike other patches, this is a “wet dressing”

The patch is much stickier than other patches, meaning it stays in place longer

Easy-to-use perforated sheet that helps you easily remove and apply the patches

Protective layer is a transparent film that completely blocks pollutants such as water, viruses and bacteria

Hydrocolloid layer seals the wound surface by absorbing pus and forming a gel to deliver healing benefits to skin



1 Wash the affected area and dry it completely.

2 Remove a Mizon Bye Bye Pimple Patch from the film and apply it directly on top of the pimple.

3 Remove after 24 hours and apply another patch if needed.



Polyisobutene – this is a polymer that functions as a thickening and film-forming agent and does not penetrate skin due to its large molecular size.



Mizon is a Korean creative beauty lab that uses imagination in developing its range of high quality cosmetics based on advanced skincare technologies. Mizon is committed to using natural ingredients and offering products at competitive prices. All Mizon products have passed stringed product-testing laws in Korea. Mizon’s signature product range is the Multi Function Formula Snail Line.


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