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A’Pieu Milk Mask Collection

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A’Pieu Milk Mask Collection is not only good to look at – they’re packed full of goodness as well! Enriched with antioxidants this adorable collection of sheet masks helps to brighten skin, even out the complexion and deeply hydrate.

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A’Pieu Milk Mask Collection (3 Masks)


A’Pieu Milk Mask Collection comes soaked in a milky essence that infuses skin with rich moisture. Milk, Vitamin C, plum extract, and cocoa extract deeply hydrate skin, relieving skin of any dry spots, while milk protein extract sloughs off dead skin cells, revealing smoother, more radiant skin.

The special air pockets in these masks allow them to retain moisture for longer and spread the essence evenly throughout skin without causing irritation.



A’Pieu Milk Mask Collection includes three full sized face masks – Chocolate, Strawberry and White milk (3 x 21g face masks).

You’ll get:

A’Pieu Chocolate Milk Mask – An adorable chocolatey face mask infused with a milky essence that contains milk, plum and cocoa extract, which work to promote clearer, brighter skin and slow down the aging of skin cells.

A’Pieu Strawberry Milk Sheet Mask – A sheet mask enriched with Vitamin-C strawberry extract to brighten skin, milk to remove dead skin and boost collagen.

A’Pieu White Milk Mask Sheet – A sheet mask enriched with Vitamin D and antioxidants that helps to brighten skin, even out the complexion and deeply hydrate with real milk protein extract.



Get the most out of your mask by prepping your skin first with a soothing toner and essence! This will give your face the perfect base to help absorb all the goodness in your face mask.




Divine smell

Suitable for all skin types

Brightens, hydrates and smooths skin

Enriched with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals

Hydrating sheet mask made from 100% hypoallergenic cotton

Contains unique air pockets that hold moisture to deliver the essence evenly across your face



Over time, harsh environmental factors like pollution and debris can damage skin, leaving your complexion looking dull and tired. Sheet masks help reduce the look of dull skin, and even out skin tone. Your skin will look brighter immediately!



STYLE STORY – Your Style, Your Story





1 Cleanse and dry face thoroughly.

2 Open pouch, unfold one of the A’Pieu Milk Mask Collection masks and apply it to your face.

3 Wear the mask for 10~20 minutes and peel off gently.

4 Gently pat any remaining essence into skin.

About A'Pieu

The little sister brand of K-Beauty powerhouse label Missha, A’PIEU uses gentle ingredients to create effective and easy-to-use skincare products that are innovative, effective and on top of the trends. A’Pieu Milk Mask Collection is popular both in Korea and abroad thanks to it’s adorable design and winning formula.

made in korea

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