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Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow

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Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow is a dual-type brow pen with a mascara that helps create the perfect eyebrows in minutes.



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Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow (Tattoo Pen 2.8g Brow Mascara 4.5g)

Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow was so popular when it first launched it sold over 1 million products within the first 6 months. With a tattoo effect that is so long-lasting you can go swimming and your eyebrows will still be on fleek – this is one K-beauty product you need in your makeup bag!


Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow is a beloved makeup product thanks to its ability to turn even the thinnest, sparsest, most minimal eyebrows into naturally looking, fluffy brows that stay in place for hours. If you’re looking for a brow product that is quick and easy to use and allow you to create the brow shape you desire, this is the ideal product for you.


Tattoo-like formula

Perfect for sparse brows

Great, natural colour selection

Voted Allure Korea’s “Favourite Beauty Product”

Creates defined, glamorous brows that look real!

Allows you to create shape, fill-in and define your brows

Gorgeous natural colours blend seamlessly with your regular brows

So powerful and long-lasting it can stay on even after you’ve washed your face


General tips for perfect brows:

The more arched your eyebrow, the more mature your makeup look. The same goes for thinner brows, the thinner the brow, the more aging it looks. For a more youthful and innocent makeup look try drawing your eyebrows straighter and fuller.


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Create your perfect eyebrow look in minutes:

1. Choose a Clio Kill Brow colour closest to your hair colour

2. Apply to a freshly washed face

This product truly works like a tattoo so it’s best to apply one coat after washing your face, but just before bed, then a second coat in the morning. Do not apply just before going out into hot or humid weather, before swimming, or before any other activity that might get your face wet. Make sure it is completely dry and set.

3. Mark the inside edge of your brow

Line the inside edge of your eye to the outside of your nose. Place a dot on that line on your brow bone. This is where your eyebrow will start.

4. Mark the outside edge of your brow

Line up the outside corner of your eye to the outside of your nose. Place a dot on that line on your brow bone. This is where your eyebrow will end.

5. Mark your arch

Line up the middle of your pupil with the outside of your nose. Place a dot on that line on your brow bone. This will be the highest part of the arch in your eyebrow.

6. Create an outline

Using the dots, lightly outline the shape that your eyebrow will take.

7. Fill in the brow

Using tiny, feathery strokes, fill in your eyebrows. Using many tiny strokes will result in a more natural look.


About Clio

Established in 1993, Clio is a professional Korean makeup label that was started by makeup artists in Seoul. Named after one the nine muses of Greek mythology, Clio, the goddess of arts and sciences, Clio has won numerous beauty awards including from Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Elle and Sure Magazine. It is famous for several cult Korean beauty products, including products from its infamous “Kill” line.

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