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Acne Prone Skincare Starter Set

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This Starter Set includes everything you need to get started with your Korean Beauty routine for acne prone skin – a gentle, low pH cleanser, an acne-busting toner, exfoliating serum and a gentle moisturiser.

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Acne Prone Skincare Starter Set

STYLE STORY’s Acne Prone Skincare Starter Set includes everything you need to get started with your Korean Beauty routine – a gentle, low pH cleanser, an acne-busting toner, soothing essence and a gentle gel moisturiser.



Our Acne Prone Skincare Starter Set includes full size versions of:

Cleanser: JJ Young Black Cleansing Stick 

Toner: Commleaf Skin Relief Soothing Toner

Serum: Mizon AHA 8% Peeling Serum

Moisturiser: Mizon Ultra Suboon Cream 

These gentle, natural products are specifically formulated for acne-prone skin and contain ingredients like tea tree, centella asiatica and snail mucin to help calm, soothe and repair skin.




Step 1: JJ Young Black Cleansing Stick

When your pores aren’t clear, neither is your complexion. This pH balanced cleansing and exfoliating black stick is for oily and combination skin, and works to remove blackheads without causing any irritation.

Perfect for oily/combination skin, this pH 5.6 balanced black cleanser contains star ingredients like charcoal, volcanic ash and kaolin, that soak up oil to ready you for a shine-free day!  The stick’s physical exfoliation properties to help unclog black heads and impurities.

Step 2: Commleaf Skin Relief Soothing Toner

This skin soothing toner is made with star ingredients centella asiatica, green tea and aloe vera to provide pore care, hydration and exfoliation.

Step 3: Mizon AHA 8% Peeling Serum

This revolutionary serum encourages skin turnover, leaving your skin smoother, brighter and more even-toned. It is formulated with Panthenol and Allantoin, which form a moisture barrier on dry skin and leave your skin supple.

Key ingredients Aloe Vera, Purslane and Arnica Flower extracts act as moisturising and skin soothing agents.

Step 4: Mizon Ultra Suboon Cream

Combining 30% of star ingredient hyaluronic acid, this daily moisturising cream also contains ceramides, plant oils and more.

The moisture molecules attracted by hyaluronic acid is easily delivered to the skin, keeping it soft and hydrated for longer.



A word on introducing new products into your skincare routine:

STYLE STORY doesn’t recommend testing out all new products all at once (especially on acne prone skin). We recommend patch testing each new product one by one (using a small amount of product in a discrete part of your face) for several days by itself to test for any allergic or adverse reactions.

Make sure you check out our blog post that talks about the best way to start your new K-Beauty routine, as well as other common mistakes to avoid! 



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Noticeable results after a week

My skin is very fussy and gets pimples from time to time. I’m not saying this is a magic cure but it did make a difference.

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