Blackhead Extraction Tool SetBlackhead Extraction Tool SetBlackhead Extraction Tool Set

Blackhead Extraction Tool Set


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Product Description

Blackhead Extraction Tool Set

These simple, easy to use extraction tools help care for pimples, blemishes and comedones safely and gently, while minimising the risk of infection caused by picking at pimples using hands.

They also assist to prevent deep scars and unnecessary redness and irritation.


This is a set of two, professional-quality blackhead and pimple removing tools.

The products feature two ends – a metal loop used to apply pressure around the blemish to force it to the surface of the skin and a round tool that’s perfect for squeezing blackheads.


Minimises irritation

Suitable for all skin types

Minimises damage to skin

Targets problem areas without creating unnecessary redness

Can be used on blackheads, pimples, closed comedones and other facial impurities

Assists in preventing infections and damages caused by using hands to squeeze blemishes


After sterilizing your tools, apply a warm, wet towel to the target area to assist in opening up the pores.

Round Tool: Taking the round side of the tool, apply it to blackheads to squeeze them out.

Looped Tool: Use the looped tool to squeeze the heads out of pustule-type blemishes.

made in korea

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