Dry Skin Mask Rescue Pack


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Dry Skin Mask Rescue Pack

STYLE STORY’s Dry Skin Mask Rescue Pack is especially for dry skin! Coax your dry skin back to life with these 4 hydrating Korean beauty face masks that are guaranteed to leave skin softer, brighter and more hydrated.




Leaders Insolution Aquaringer Mask (25ml) 

This mask sheet sells by the hundreds of millions every year!

Leaders’ Aquaringer Mask diminishes dead skin cells and delivers intense and long-lasting hydration. The mask is drenched in nourishing essence that is directly transferred to your skin, leaving it feeling luxuriously hydrated, soft and supple.

How to Use: Leave it on for 20 minutes to reveal brighter, plumper skin.

Mizon Joyful Time Essence Aqua (23g) 

Enjoy the feeling of tightened pores and a protected skin barrier with this nutritious sheet mask made with a blend of humectants and emollients to help the skin retain moisture.

Each mask utilises a “moisture gel matrix” which holds the moisturising and skin conditioning ingredients together in a hydrating mesh structure. This is designed to immediately increase skin’s hydration upon application.

How to Use: Leave it on for 20 – 30 minutes then remove.

It’s Skin Power 10 Formula GF Mask Sheet (25ml) 

This is a soft, cotton sheet mask sheet from It’s Skin’s famous Power 10 line. GF Mask Sheet contains white mushroom extract as its star ingredient, making it perfect for providing rich hydration for those with sensitive, irritated and dry skin.

How to Use: Leave it on for 20 – 30 minutes then remove.

Lindsay All-in-One Hyaluronic Acid Modeling Mask Pack (26g)

Forget using a regular sheet mask and upgrade to the kinds of mask usually reserved for an expensive day spa treatment! This mask is perfect for cooling and plumping skin.

Unlike a regular sheet mask, modeling masks come in a powder form, which, when combined with water create a unique rubber mask that you can spread on to your face with a spatula.

The star ingredient -hyaluronic acid – locks in moisture by binding water to the skin.

How to use: 1. Pour water into the pack, up until the marked line. 2. Mix well with the spatula included in the kit until the mask becomes a paste. 3. Using your hands, on clean, dry skin, spread a thick and even layer of mask over your entire face. 4. Leave for 10-15 minutes or until the mask becomes solid and rubbery. 5. Gently peel off. 6. Rinse with warm water and follow with your regular toner and essence.


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