Flor de Man Housemade Juice Soothing Green Sheet Mask


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Flor de Man Housemade Juice Soothing Green Sheet Mask (25g)

Thirsty skin?

Rehydrate it with this delicious Korean Beauty face mask that is packed full of soothing green fruits!


Perfect for All Skin Types

Hypoallergenic 100% cotton mask sheet

Removes excess sebum and promotes circulation

Filled with hydrating and moisturising green fruit ingredients

Contains real green avocado, lettuce, green tea, cucumber extracts + more

Offers a soothing, relaxing experience for skin stressed by the external environment


Green Avocado extract – rich in Vitamin E to assist in repairing skin.

Lettuce extract – soothes, calms and revitalizes skin that has been exposed to harsh conditions.

Green Tea extract – may assist to stimulate circulation, influencing skin tone.

Cucumber extract – hydrating and anti-inflammatory. 


1. After washing your face, apply toner then place Flor de Man Housemade Juice Soothing Green Sheet Mask on your face.

2. After 15 – 20 minutes, remove the sheet.

3. Massage the remaining essence into your skin to aid absorption.


Flor de Man is a Korean Beauty brand that creates natural beauty products that reinterpret nature and the meaning of healthy beauty. Their masks aim to create a peaceful and relaxing experience for beauty lovers that transport them out of their hectic schedules and return to nature.

made in korea

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