MISSHA Multi Color Corrector MISSHA Multi Color Corrector 

MISSHA Multi Color Corrector 


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Product Description

MISSHA Multi Color Corrector (4 x 1.8) 

Missha’s colour correcting palette is the perfect base for creating flawless makeup.

It provides customised corrections for various skin problems by covering problem areas with complementary colours.


Dense moisturising cover

Containing 3 colour correctors and a pore balm

Provides customised coverage for dark circles, reddish tone, dark spots and pores

Brightens the complexion (reduces the appearance of dark spots, sun spots and freckles)


Cream Beige [Pore corrector]

Apply on uneven skin texture areas with pores and fine wrinkles in detail in a dabbing motion.

Peach [Dark circle corrector]

Lightly apply on the skin around the eyes with dark circles to provide vitality to the skin.

Mint [Redness corrector]

Evenly apply to areas with a reddish tone and skin problems to smooth tone.

Violet [Complexion corrector]

Evenly apply on areas with a dark yellowish tone such as the forehead, nose, chin and sunken areas to provide a brightening effect.


1 After basic skincare, gently apply Missha Multi Color Corrector on areas with blemishes as the first step of base makeup.

2 Evenly blend with a sponge in a tapping motion.

TIP: Use different surfaces of the sponge to prevent the mixing of different colours. 


MISSHA is one of Korea’s best loved beauty brands around the world. MISSHA’s brand philosophy involves using rigorous quality standards with natural ingredients. It does not follow the stereotypical line of thinking that cosmetics must be expensive in order to appeal. MISSHA instead believes that everyday beauty essential should be inexpensive. They therefore advocate and design products that are of the highest quality while also maintaining affordability and value.

made in korea

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