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If you want to keep up to date with all things Korean beauty then this is the podcast for you!

Join host Lauren Lee, Founder of STYLE STORY on the Korean Beauty Show podcast as she explores the world of Korean Beauty!  



Founder of Australia’s first Korean Beauty store, STYLE STORY, Lauren has spent the last 10 years living and breathing all things K-Beauty!

What started out as a hobby, bringing K-Beauty products back to Australia for friends and family turned into a side hustle and then a full-time business. 

Lauren is now permanently based in Seoul, South Korea, where she runs STYLE STORY’s Korean branch. (We’ve also got team members in Brisbane and a warehouse in Sydney, Australia!)

On the podcast, Lauren will be sharing all the things she’s learned living and working in the K-Beauty industry with you.




New episodes are released every Tuesday.  






The podcast is 100% free to listen to. You can listen to it on the player below or by clicking on the images below: 

Listen Now! 


Knowledge Queen


“CEO Lauren Lee is my go to for ingredient check, product check and everything to do with beauty!! I know this podcast will be full of knowledge and the latest on skincare products!!”



Fresh Take on K-Beauty


“So good to hear K-Beauty talked about in such an accessible way”


Awesome Work


“Love the store and it’s products so excited that there is now also a podcast. Am a K-beauty convert going on 3 years now.”


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