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Using oil…to cleanse your face?


If that still sounds like a bad idea, then you need the oil cleansing 101. Stat.

Here’s what to know.  



Oil cleansing might have been an essential part of K-Beauty’s double cleansing method, but we still field several questions a week on the whys, hows and WTFs of oil cleansing.

We hear you. Let’s get all up in oils!  


I Have Oily or Acne-prone Skin. Are you sure this is for me?


Oils as cleansers are based on the idea that oil dissolves oil. In other words, using oils will dissolve the oils that clog your pores. Whaaaat?!

Quite often, it’s tempting to heavily cleanse oily or acne-prone skin to leave it feeling squeaky clean. However, this can lead to over-cleansing and tell your body to produce even more sebum…it’s a bit of a vicious cycle! With regular use, oil cleansers both cleanse and moisturise your skin, helping to regulate your sebum production.

This is exactly what oily skin needs, making cleansing oils a natural fit for them.  


Does any oil work?

Don’t be reaching for the canola oil, or any old vegetable oils you have lying around the house. 

For best results, use an oil-based cleanser, many of which are suitable for all skin types. This will ensure that sebum, debris and pollutants on your skin will be gently washed away without harshness.

Two of our current favourites are B-LAB’s Natural Cleansing Oil and APLB’s Blackout Cleansing Oil.  


If you’ve got any other questions about oil cleansing, hit us up!

You’ll find us hanging out on Instagram most days, otherwise our chat app in your right hand screen corner 🙂  


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B-LAB I Am Sorry Just Cleansing Natural Cleansing Oil
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