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Want to get your hands on the best Missha products right here in Australia?


Look no further than Australia’s Korean Beauty Store, STYLE STORY!


As an official Missha stockist in Australia, STYLE STORY stocks only the best, genuine Missha products straight from Missha HQ. Best of all, as our products are right here in Australia you won’t have to wait to get your hands on them!



MISSHA is one of Korea’s best loved beauty brands around the world. With a brand philosophy that focuses on rigorous quality standards and using the best natural ingredients, MISSHA doesn’t follow the stereotypical line of thinking that cosmetics must be expensive in order to appeal.

Instead, MISSHA focuses on creating and designing products that are of the highest quality while also being great value.

Compared with other Korean Beauty brands, MISSHA has a highly loyal customer base.


Get your hands on the best, genuine Missha products right here in Australia at STYLE STORY!


As Missha’s official stocklist, STYLE STORY has access to all the best Missha products!

Our latest releases include Missha’s Cho Gong Jin Line, Missha’s Super Aqua Ice Tear Line and back by popular demand is Missha’s Super Aqua Snail line!



Missha’s Misa Cho Gong Jin Line is a divine oriental herbal skincare collection.

This style of cosmetics is known in Korean as 한방 “hanbang“.

Formulated using principles of Oriental medicine, Cho Gong Jin products contain a range of star ingredients that are perfect for mature skin, as they deliver anti-ageing benefits. Standout ingredients include:

  • Black Ginseng and Rehmannia glutinosa – these help strengthen the immune system and fight stress and tiredness, offering antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Red Ginseng Glycan – which penetrates deep into the skin layers to deliver nutrition.
  • Ru-Trogen – an optimal combination of herbal plant properties that gives lustre to the skin.
  • Phellinus Linteus – which targets firmness
  • Lotus Seed extract – which cleanses the skin.
  • Gongjindan – a traditional Korean herbal medicine, which is very effective for increasing blood circulation, anti-ageing and general strengthening and relaxing. It consists of Musk, Thyme, Cornus officinalis and Cervus elaphus. It aims to increase circulation by lowering the body temperature to achieve harmony in the body


The Rise of Hanbang 

Korean beauty products featuring ‘Hanbang‘ skincare have been making massive waves in the beauty community.

Missha’s Cho Gong Jin line typifies this, with classic formulas that capture time-honoured Korean traditions and beautiful, elaborate packaging based off the kinds of cosmetics used in the Korean palaces.


Discover these natural cosmetics using Oriental eastern traditions with Missha’s Cho Gong Jin Line at STYLE STORY.


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