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Jelly Ko Bubble Tea Featured in Body + Soul

STYLE STORY was excited to see our brand new Jelly Ko Bubble Tea featured in Body + Soul


About Bubble Tea Steam Cream

Jelly Ko products are designed to create translucent and bouncy jelly skin. If you want skin that stays plump and soft to the touch – just like jelly! – then you’ll love Jelly Ko. Bubble Tea Steam Cream was created in collaboration with Korea’s top cosmetic chemists, to create a hydrating drink for dull, dehydrated, dry, rough and lacklustre skin types.

If you feel like your ordinary moisturiser doesn’t sink into the skin, but just sits on top of it, or if you regularly wake up feeling like you haven’t applied moisturiser the night before then this is the product for you.

As a bonus, the product looks and smells just like Bubble Tea!


The Body + Soul verdict:

After putting the product to the test for a week, Body + Soul reporter Juna Xu noted:

“After a week of consistently using the Bubble Tea Steam Cream in the mornings and evenings, my skin is considerably smoother and has that glowing, K-beauty “glass” effect, so much so that several family members and friends have even commented on how radiant my skin looks.”




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Jelly Ko Bubble Tea Steam Cream
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