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Korean sheet masks have the whole world #maskselfie-ing like pros! With their ability to take skin from drab to fab in in under 30 minutes (and for less than the cost of a gym pass!) it’s little wonder why.

Today we’re answering a question put to us by one of our Instagrammers: Is it okay to sheet mask daily?


In a nutshell – Yes!

There’s absolutely no problem with masking every day. In fact, the current trend in Korea is to use “a pack a day” (a sheet mask pack, that is!)

If you search the hashtag “1일1팩” on Instagram, you’ll see hundreds of thousands of Koreans doing just that, every day!

Most Korean skincare companies even have collections built around the fact that you’ll be masking everyday, like Holika Holika’s Pure Essence Masks, Mamonde’s Flower Lab Collection and PACKage’s Consolation and Float Mask Bundle, just to name a few.



Sheet masks work by creating an “occlusive barrier” that seals the ingredients in the mask into your skin. Whether you’re travelling, sitting in an air-conditioned office, or just battling the stress and pollution of daily life, sheet masks boost moisture, hydration and improve the tone and texture of your skin. Best of all, they’re affordable enough that you can actually mask everyday without going broke.



One thing that is a BIG no-no? Letting your sheet mask dry on your face.

Try not to let the mask to dry on your face, or it can actually have the opposite effect, and start drawing moisture away from your skin. Some ingredients may also cause irritation if they’re left on the skin for extended periods of time.

The best way to use a sheet mask is to follow the instructions on the mask; for most Korean masks this will be 10 – 30 minutes on your face and then remove them, patting in any remaining essence.

Whatever you do, don’t wear your sheet mask to bed and fall asleep in it! 



The other key is to find the right sheet mask for your skin type and be sure to steer clear of masks that contain any ingredients that don’t agree with you.

We recommend patch testing any new skincare purchases, particularly if you have sensitive or reactive skin.

In general, dry skin loves sheet masks soaked in propolis and honey. Acne prone skin can benefit from tea tree, centella asiatica, green tea and snail mucin, agiig skin loves collagen and galactomyces, sensitive skin loves ceramides and dehydrated skin plays nicely with hyaluronic acid.


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