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How Long Does it Take to See Skincare Results?

How Long Does it Take to See Skincare Results?


So you’ve thought long and hard on pulling the trigger on some new K-Beauty products and you probably can’t wait to see results.  When can you expect the benefits to kick in?


Exactly how long does it take to see skincare results? Let’s take a look.


Patience is a virtue

Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, there are some skincare products that will take their time before you can see visible results. 

Whether you’re just starting out with some new products or have been at it for a while and aren’t quite sure what to expect, it can be hard to know when your products will start showing their best results. As a general rule though, the more that needs to change at your skin’s deeper cellular level (for example brightening your skin, or reducing fine lines and wrinkles), the more time you’re going to need to see results.

It’s also important to keep in mind that just because the results aren’t visible to the naked eye, doesn’t mean that the product isn’t doing its job.  If you’re using that miracle anti-ageing cream on a particularly stubborn wrinkle, the results may be occurring below the skin’s surface. Even though you can’t see it right now, your skin is actually improving.

That said, here are some time frames to keep in mind that will help you track the results of your skincare.

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How Long it Take Specific Skincare Products to Work



You can generally expect to see results from you moisturiser almost instantly. Once absorbed, your skin should feel and look soft and plump!  With consistent use, you should expect the full results of your moisturiser within 1-2 weeks.


Acne Spot Treatments

While pimples can seem to pop out of nowhere, it will take a little longer to get rid of them.  Hydrocolloid patches like Subi’s Perfect Pimple Patch help to speed up the healing process and can minimise the appearance of your acne within 8-12 hours.



While your cleanser’s main job is to… clean your face, there are plenty of cleansers nowadays with extra functions, like helping to manage oily skin or calm blemishes.  Give it about a month to see these additional benefits kick in.



There are few ingredients more effective for smoothing out uneven skin and guarding against acne than retinols and retinoids.  Results will vary depending on the strength of the retinols, with prescribed retinols showing smoother, brighter skin in as little as 4-6 weeks. Keep in mind however that the stronger the strength, the stronger the side effects. High-strength retinols will definitely leave your skin looking worse for wear at first. Expect dryness, flaking and discomfort for a few weeks if using high strength retinols. 



For an extra boost to your skincare goals, it’s hard to go past serums like APLB’s Bee Pollen Propolis Ampoule Serum.  There’s a huge range of serums for all sorts of skincare goals, which makes it hard to predict how long it takes for results to become visible.  As a general rule of thumb though, you should see results from most serums within 6-8 weeks.


Got more questions about how long it takes to see results from your skincare? Drop them in the comments section below!


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