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Each of the various skin types – oily, acne prone, normal and dry – require a slightly different approach to care for them. The best way to manage your specific skin type is to tailor your routine with the right products.




In her article “Holy Grail Skincare for Every Skin Type”, Julia Hammond explored the essentials, including the best products for acne prone and sensitive skin. As many Korean Beauty products are specifically formulated for these skin types, STYLE STORY was excited to see two of our fav K-Beauty products make the cut!






Acne prone skin requires additional TLC to care for, as acne itself can be difficult to treat and manage. Julia confirmed:

“Often going hand in hand with oily skin, acne-prone faces share many traits such as enlarged pores and excess shine. (These skin types) will benefit from products that aim to balance the natural oils in your skin while also gently treating breakouts and healing skin to prevent more popping up.”

SS Founder Lauren Lee shared her favourite essence for soothing acne-prone skin, cult fav Benton Snail Bee Essence:

“(Benton’s Essence) contains Korean Beauty’s favourite ingredient for treating acne and acne scars, snail secretion filtrate (snail mucin). Snail Bee Essence works to brighten skin, improve skin tone, increase collagen production and target wrinkles and is also certified cruelty-free by PETA.

The star ingredient – snail secretion filtrate – contains skin-friendly antioxidants, proteins, elastin and glycolic acids. The other key ingredient, bee venom, contains a peptide that can assist in collagen production.”



Julia’s other pro tips for treating acne prone skin include ensuring you get enough sleep and sleeping on silk or bamboo pillowcases. She explained:

“A lot of repair work is done by your body overnight. Everything from the quality of your sleep to the materials you’re sleeping on can have an effect on the skin. To get the best sleep for your skin many professionals recommend sleeping on silk pillowcases…

Another natural fibre which is popular for bedding is bamboo. Bamboo pillow covers and sheet sets will be highly breathable preventing sweat and moisture. If you struggle with breakouts on your body then a mattress cover may be the answer. Natural bamboo is the perfect choice for a mattress topper that reduces night sweats and helps to keep your skin clear all over.”



Sensitive skin is often reactive to a wide variety of stimulus and ingredients, making it a good idea to stick to products that are not too abrasive, sensitizing or harsh. Lauren’s top pick for sensitive skin is APLB Derma Daily Repair Cream.

“The star ingredients, ceramides and sodium hyaluronate work to hydrate the skin, while adenosine reduces inflammation and promotes healthy cell function. The cream has a creamy, smooth texture to it that is easily absorbed by the skin.”




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